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Carolina Panthers v Kansas City Chiefs

NFL: 5 takeaways from the Kansas City Chiefs' Week 9 win over the Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers went into Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday and gave the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs everything they had.

The Panthers were returning star running back Christian McCaffrey from injury and looking to pull off the upset. The Chiefs would be led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes who showed his dominance once again.


In a game that was closer than expected, the Chiefs escaped with a 33-31 victory to improve their record to 8-1, while the Panthers fell to 3-6.

5. The Kansas City Chiefs running game never showed up

The Kansas City Chiefs went out and signed running back Le'Veon Bell in hopes that he would boost their rushing attack. This was not the case against the CarolinaPanthers on Sunday. The Chiefs only rushed for a total of 30 yards against the Panthers.

The Carolina Panthers give up on average 114.3 rushing yards a game this season. Questions are going to start pouring in on if the Chiefs made a bad choice on signing Bell.


Kansas City lives off their passing game and has won a Super Bowl from throwing the football. They just need Bell or starter Clyde Edwards-Helaire to give them anywhere from 70-80 yards with at least one touchdown to secure victories.

4. Patrick Mahomes continues his streak of not throwing interceptions

The Kansas City Chiefs throw the football a ton. Mahomes has thrown the ball 136 times over the past three weeks. Out of the 136 pass attempts, not one of them has been an interception. Mahomes has thrown 25 touchdowns this season and one lonely interception against the Raiders.


Mahomes currently ranks second in the NFL in passing yards this season. The gunslinger has thrown for over 2,600 yards. The Chiefs have set up their offense to throw the ball. They have fast wide receivers and a sure-handed tight end. They have built the perfect offense for their young quarterback.

3. Christian McCaffrey's return may be short-lived

There are rumors that running back Christian McCaffrey have tweaked his shoulder during the game against the Chiefs. McCaffrey was coming off a 6-week absence from an ankle injury before playing on Sunday. This would be a huge loss for the Carolina Panthers' offense if he cannot play.

McCaffrey showed once again why he is important to Carolina. He racked up 151 total yards and 2 touchdowns for the Panthers on Sunday. Although the Carolina Panthers fell short, McCaffrey had a great return.


2. Tyreek Hill is just a matchup nightmare for everyone

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek "Cheetah" Hill has been a nightmare for defenders. In the last three weeks he has caught 5 touchdown passes. Hill has the ability to run past man coverage, or find the soft spot in a zone and sit, waiting for Mahomes to find him.

Hill is not the biggest wide receiver but the way he plays the game you would think he was a monster-sized man. Tyreek Hill has shown the ability to catch the football, then make a play with his feet. One thing that is for sure, is that defenders are not going to be able to catch him when he hits his second gear.

1. Matt Rhule and the Carolina Panthers have a big decision to make with Christian McCaffrey

The Carolina Panthers may have a tough decision coming their way.

If McCaffrey's shoulder injury is severe enough to keep him out a couple weeks, do they continue to play him after that? The Panthers are 3-6 and most likely out of the playoff race unless they hit a major win streak. This could be a decision that decides McCaffrey's career down the road.

Christian McCaffrey has already missed six weeks for the Carolina Panthers this season. Backup running back Mike Davis has shown he can carry the load for the Carolina Panthers. If the should keeps McCaffrey out longer than two weeks then sit him for the rest of the season. Matt Rhule and the Carolina Panthers need to start thinking future and not present.

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