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Aaron Rodgers, a conspiracy theorist? Deshone Kizer reveals Packers QB asked him to research major historic events

Apparently, conspiracy theories and Aaron Rodgers go together like peas and carrots. According to a former NFL quarterback, Green Bay’s star quarterback used a 9/11 conspiracy theory to help break the ice with new teammates.

DeShone Kizer, who was Rodgers’s backup in the 2018 season, claimed that the legendary signal-caller broke the ice in a peculiar way.


Kizer, while appearing on The Breneman Show, said that Rodgers did not hesitate to broach the subject:

“The first thing that comes out of Aaron Rodgers mouth was. ‘You believe in 911?’”

When the interviewer asked what other topics might have come up in the QB room, Kizer rattled off several more fringe topics:

“Inner-Earth, moon landing, reptile people. You all are laughing. Do your research. I'm telling you . . . do your research. You guys are laughing. It sounds like jokes, but do your research.”

A prominent theory surrounding the tragic events that occurred on September 11, 2001 was that terrorists were not responsible for the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City. Instead, some believe that it was an inside U.S. government ploy to justify the United States invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Although the theories have been rejected by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Popular Mechanics, the theory itself draws interest online.


In the interview, Kizer did not indicate that Rodgers believed certain theories, just that he was interested in discussing them.

“What it ended up being was a real thought experiment where he wanted me to go back and look into the conspiracies around it, and provoked a lot of great conversations, and we really bonded over that. And we started to share some books and talking about some other things. We got into history, and business, and finance.”

Kizer would go on to say that he thought Aaron Rodgers chose such topics so that teammates would have topics other than football to discuss.

Aaron Rodgers is dealing with injuries as the Green Bay Packers struggle to stay in the playoff hunt


Usually Aaron Rodgers plays through injuries, and the Green Bay Packers continue to win. This season, however, the offense has struggled with injuries to the wide receivers, and Rodgers has been unable to duplicate the success of his past seasons. Sitting at 4 - 8, the team is in danger of missing the playoffs while the Minnesota Vikings are 9 - 2 and look to have the NFC North already wrapped up.

Aaron Rodgers actually apologized to Lafleur for not being able to finish the game.

Remember, this man came in with a fractured thumb & then injured his oblique pretty bad & still tried to gut it out.

No one talks about 12 as being one of the toughest, but he absolutely is.

The Packers are ahead of the Chicago Bears (3 - 9), but they are behind the Detroit Lions (4 - 7) due to having one more loss than the Lions. Although Rodgers is dealing with a fractured thumb and an oblique injury, he indicated that he would play Week 13.

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