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  • Aaron Rodgers gets blasted by NFL fan for antics on and off the field - “Self-satisfied wannabe millionaire”
New York Jets Offseason Workout

Aaron Rodgers gets blasted by NFL fan for antics on and off the field - “Self-satisfied wannabe millionaire”

By now, most NFL fans know that New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers is an acquired taste. Some love the quarterback, while others not so much.

Having made several "interesting" statements on the "Pat McAfee Show" and in other interviews, the perception of Rodgers from people differs greatly.


In a piece for Knoxnews.com, John Adams asked fans who is the most annoying current sports figure. There are a host of candidates. For one fan named Marie, she has named Aaron Rodgers as the most annoying sports figure.

Marie writes:

"There are quite a few athletes who are annoying but I have to give my vote to Aaron Rogers. He’s a self-satisfied wannabe millionaire bohemian who, when answering any questions, either (1) mono syllables his answer after a long, bored stare or (2) launches into an off-the-wall crazy tangent (for example listen to Pat McCafee’s interview on the dark retreat he entered for a week and discussing going to the bathroom in complete darkness."
"What’s with that? He’s a fun QB to watch but the Jets could make him crazier. I mean he was off center (no pun intended) in Wisconsin. New York could be a whole new ball game. Literally."

Marie isn't exactly Aaron Rodgers' biggest fan when it comes to his reported antics off the field. However, his play on the field could be the deciding factor in how he is perceived by Jets fans next season.

Is Aaron Rodgers the missing piece in Jets Super Bowl puzzle?

New York Jets Offseason Workout

That's the hope from Jets fans, right? The Jets were in playoff contention before a big collapse towards the end of last season. Naturally, with the addition of Rodgers, expectations are high.


With a defense that was superb last season as it was fourth in the NFL for points against (18.6 per game), it was the offense that struggled. They averaged just 17.4 points a game.

Now Aaron Rodgers is taking charge. New York also has weapons in Garrett Wilson, Breece Hall, Corey Davis, Tyler Conklin and former Packers receivers in Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb. New York definitely has the talent.

Jets QB Aaron Rodgers and WR Randall Cobb on the stationary bikes during OTAs practice

But it is about making it count of the field, something Rodgers couldn't do when it mattered most in Green Bay. The New York Media won't take any prisoners with the teams performances next year. Rodgers could be at the center of it if he doesn't deliver results in his first season.

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