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'Immunized' Aaron Rodgers throws major shade at 'Mr Pfizer' Travis Kelce

'Immunized' Aaron Rodgers throws major shade at 'Mr Pfizer' Travis Kelce

COVID controversy has followed Aaron Rodgers since his infamous "Immunized" comments, but he has not shied away from any of it. He is pretty notorious for being on the other side of the debate, and has shown public support for anti-vaccine presidential candidate Robert Kennedy.

That puts him sort of at odds with those who support vaccines, like Travis Kelce. The star tight end recently appeared in an ad campaign for Pfizer, one of the COVID-19 vaccine companies. Rodgers didn't miss an opportunity to bring it up.

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Rodgers said to Pat McAfee:

"He didn't have a crazy game, and you know Mr. Pfizer, we kinda shut him down a little bit. He didn't have like a crazy impact game. Obviously, he had some yards and stuff, but I felt like for the most part, we played really tough on defense."

Rodgers has had this over his head since the COVID-19 season in 2020. He lied to reporters that he was vaccinated against the virus, saying he was "immunized". When he was later found out, he doubled down on it and insisted that he didn't want to put things in his body that he was allergic to or didn't know about.

He's on injured reserve with a torn Achilles for the New York Jets. That hasn't stopped him from going on the Pat McAfee Show and talking about his team or their season.


That included the Kansas City Chiefs, who narrowly beat the Jets on Sunday night. Rodgers liked what he saw from them in the loss, and of course, couldn't resist taking a shot at Kelce.

Aaron Rodgers rips Travis Kelce


Travis Kelce is one of the most famous people in the world right now. He's an elite tight end on a Super Bowl caliber team and he's dating Taylor Swift. Not many people are on his level, but Aaron Rodgers made an attempt to knock him down a peg.

Travis Kelce was ripped by Aaron Rodgers

Kelce's appearance in the Pfizer ad stoked some controversy, and Rodgers was into that. Rodgers himself is the center of controversy from time to time, and he evidently appreciated that someone else on the other side was in it for once and he took a shot at him.

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