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Aaron Rodgers and Zach Wilson or Daniel Jones? Pat McAfee picks most hopeless New York franchise as teams fall to 2-6 combined

Aaron Rodgers and Zach Wilson or Daniel Jones? Pat McAfee picks most "hopeless" New York franchise

Aaron Rodgers looked on as Daniel Jones and Zach Wilson suffered defeats in back-to-back primetime games. However, amid the unfortunate state of affairs in the city, there is one team that has more hope than the other. Speaking on First Take on Tuesday, NFL analyst Pat McAfee revealed his choice (00:00:50):

"For me, I think [the Giants] are in a more hopeless situation than the New York Jets. ... Now, Zach Wilson plays his best football this past Sunday. They still lose the game, but for me, the Aaron Rodgers hope and optimism will still be dangling over the heads of all the Jets fans next season."

He continued, using Monday Night Football for ammunition:

"For the Giants fans, they got that happening on primetime TV. I think the Giants are much more hopeless than the Jets right now. ... It's a sad state for both teams for sure."

Daniel Jones' contract details sink hopes of Giants fans

Daniel Jones at New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals

Pat McAfee essentially said that while the light at the end of the tunnel was farther at the end of September than at the beginning of it, it still existed. Meanwhile, Daniel Jones' contract situation has essentially snuffed out all hope for the coming years. He has thrown for two touchdowns and six interceptions so far this season.

Jones is signed through 2026, according to Spotrac. In the offseason, he signed a deal worth $160,000,000 on the heels of his first playoff appearance after three consecutive years without a winning season. It was a tough situation, as the team had already declined its quarterback's fifth-year option.

Meaning, the quarterback could have been on his rookie contract still. Instead, due to a series of events, the team now has him until at least 2025, when it could elect to cut him to save money. Of course, Saquon Barkley has been unhealthy this season and has missed time.

When both were on the field last year, they were able to reach the playoffs after a 9-7-1 season. This means that there could be another glimpse of a team like the 2022 New York Giants in the future. As it stands, that is the team's only hope as it has apparently handcuffed itself to the quarterback for at least two more seasons after the completion of the ongoing one.

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