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  • Allison Kuch jets off to Bahamas for all-girls trip without husband Isaac Rochell - "SO excited"
Allison Kuch recently vacationed in the Bahamas without husband Isaac Rochell - images via Instagram

Allison Kuch jets off to Bahamas for all-girls trip without husband Isaac Rochell - "SO excited"

Last Friday, Allison Kuch shared her plans for the weekend ahead. On Saturday, she and her husband, Isaac Rochell, a free agent defensive end, attended the Stanley Cup Finals Game 1 at Las Vegas' T-Mobile Arena, where they watched the Golden Knights secure a 4-0 victory over the Florida Panthers.

The following day, she went to Bahamas alone for a ladies-only party. And she recently uploaded her story on Instagram:

"SO excited"

She photographed herself wearing a blue and white dress:

Allison Kuch during her trip to the Bahamas (screenshot via Instagram/@allisonkuch)
The trip will be part of Allison Kuch's vlog (screenshot via Instagram/@allisonkuch)

And she filmed herself enjoying a boat ride with her friends:

The friends Allison Kuch joined during her Bahamian trip (screenshot via Instagram/@allisonkuch)

She even shared the meals she ate while sailing:

Allison Kuch's foods and drink throughout her boat trip in the Bahamas (screenshot via Instagram/@allisonkuch)


A look at Allison Kuch and Isaac Rochell's relationship and marriage

Allison Kuch and Isaac first met at the University of Notre Dame and have remained together throughout Isaac's career, including his time with the Los Angeles Chargers. In 2018, after Allison graduated and returned to California, she began using TikTok to capture her life as an NFL player's partner.

Rochell told the New York Post about said beginnings of her social media profile:

“My wife started posting and I was like, I don’t know if I want to be on the Internet like dancing and doing all of these corny things, so I let her do it.
“And then I posted a nighttime routine and it got some intense engagement and then that’s where I started kind of being like, ‘Alright, let me get into this a little bit more.’ We kept leaning into it, kept leaning into it and then now, we’re kind of where we are now.”

The two married in 2020, and Rochell has since then been a recurring presence in Kuch's TikTok videos.


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