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  • Analyst compares Nikola Jokić to Patrick Mahomes with NBA Finals underway - “They both own Denver”
Nikola Jokic gets compared to Patrick Mahomes as NBA Finals begin.

Analyst compares Nikola Jokić to Patrick Mahomes with NBA Finals underway - “They both own Denver”

Patrick Mahomes and Nikola Jokić both have at least one thing in common. Both stars played for championships in 2023. However, on ESPN's "Get Up," NBA analyst Alan Hahn went a couple steps further, saying that the star Denver Nuggets player's NFL comparison is Mahomes.

"I'm going Patrick Mahomes," Hahn said. "I want (Jokić's) QBR. I also want to hear from some of these quarterbacks in the NFL that we know are watching the NBA Finals, and I want to hear what they think about the way he passes, because he throws you open.
"That's what he does. Watch the passes that he makes. They're never ones that you have to fumble. They hit you in the hands. ... but on top of that... they both own Denver."
.@PatrickMahomes was ready to take that lateral to the crib 🤣

Patrick Mahomes lies in wait as NBA season reaches midnight

Patrick Mahomes at 149th Kentucky Derby

The quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs got the ending he wanted as the NFL season struck midnight. With the hoisting of the Lombardi Trophy, the quarterback eased the league into its next phase. Analysts, pundits and fans had no choice but to focus on the NBA. However, as the finals bring around the end of the NBA season, attention once again begins to turn toward football.

.@alanhahn compares Nikola Jokić's passing to Patrick Mahomes

When does the 2023 NFL season start?

The Las Vegas Raiders hold joint practices with the New England Patriots.

Attention seems to focus mostly on two sports at a time. At this time of year, the NBA and MLB tend to garner the lion's share of talk. However, in a couple of weeks, the MLB and NFL will be the talk of the zeitgeist. For some, that is the start of the season as training camp battles feel as interesting as playoff runs.


However, others mark the start of training camp as the beginning of the year. Players start showing up as soon as July 11, according to NFL Communications, with all players required to report by the start of August. The Hall of Fame game takes place on August 3. Then, for those waiting until the meat of the season, Week 1 of the regular season starts on September 7.

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