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  • Keenan Allen mocks Tyree Wilson after explosive block on Raiders rookie DE in Week 4 - “Bi*ch a** Ni**a”
Keenan Allen made an explosive block on Tyree Wilson

Keenan Allen mocks Tyree Wilson after explosive block on Raiders rookie DE in Week 4 - “Bi*ch a** Ni**a”

Keenan Allen has officially turned into the biggest offensive weapon for Los Angeles Chargers following the injury of Mike Williams, who's going to miss the rest of the 2023 season with a torn ACL. There's no doubt that defenses will play to Allen's strengths and try to limit him.

But that doesn't mean that he's going to shy away from the physical parts of the game. During the Chargers' game against the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday, when Allen and Justin Herbert's team won 24-17 to improve to a 2-2 record and put themselves in contention for a wild card spot in the AFC, Allen blocked Raiders' rookie defensive end Tyree Wilson before calling him a "b**** a** n***a"


Keenan Allen was seen celebrating the block with left tackle Rashawn Slater right after the play:

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Raiders, Chargers fans fight in the stands during AFC West game


The physical parts of the game weren't limited to the playing field. Fans of the Los Angeles Chargers and the Las Vegas Raiders were involved in a huge fight during the Week 4 contest.

A video published on Twitter shows the violent scenes between a fan of each team. The video does not show why the fight started, but the Chargers fan sitting above an opponent fan throws a violent punch at him after a brief exchange, before throwing a second jab and pushing him off the stairs. He was stopped by other Raiders fans thereafter.


While incidents between fans in the league are rare, they tend to become violent once it occurs. On this occasion, the Raiders fan could've gotten hurt due to the nature of the punches and the fall down the stairs, but it looks like he was okay after the hits.

Keenan Allen's stats in 2023

Keenan Allen has started the season with the right foot, amassing 434 yards and three touchdowns in just four games.

It's expected that he'll maintain this pace with Mike Williams out for the season, meaning a bigger load of targets for him in the passing game. Rookie Quentin Johnston is also expected to play a bigger part.

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