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Bill Belichick isn't going to announce any changes until Sunday

Bill Belichick plays the quiet card for Patriots roster change announcement

Bill Belichick is in the middle of one of the worst seasons of his coaching career, with the New England Patriots sitting at a 2-9 record, with no playoff hopes and not much to expect from the remainder of the season. The team is struggling badly, with little knowledge about who will be its starting quarterback on Sunday.

It looks like Belichick is keeping his cards close to his chest for the Patriots next game. The coach was asked on Wednesday about what changes will come for the upcoming contest against the LA Chargers, but he decided to plead the fifth instead.

"I'm not going to make any announcements on our lineup at any position. So, it doesn't matter what the position is," Bill Belichick said. "We'll see how practice goes, see if everybody is ready to go - hopefully, everybody is ready to go - see what the injury situation is, and we'll go with who we think is best on Sunday."

Are the New England Patriots tanking? Will Bill Belichick return in 2024?


It has been their worst season since the days before Tom Brady.

New England is going through its roughest stretch in a long time with no clear answers in the quarterback position or even its coaching staff. This is the first time in decades that Bill Belichick's job security has been questioned, and the legendary coach is even being discussed as a possibility for other franchises.


The one thing that has become clear is that Mac Jones isn't the answer to anything. The 2021 season was indeed pretty cool, and going to the playoffs left a good aftertaste, even with the defeat in the wild-card round.

But you can't make a living from that all the time, especially when the team's coach has a successful history and the players have not played well in the last few years of his career.

The New England Patriots aren't tanking. Bill Belichick would never allow this to take place in his franchise. But that's his worst coaching job in a long time, and New England needs answers to be competitive again.

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