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  • Bills safety Jordan Poyer reflects back on Damar Hamlin's collapse against Bengals - "It still has everybody shook"
Jordan Poyer reminisces on Damar Hamlin's shocking collapse

Bills safety Jordan Poyer reflects back on Damar Hamlin's collapse against Bengals - "It still has everybody shook"

When Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals last season, the world came to a halt. Hamlin was given CPR on the field, and every player there was noticeably shaken by the incident.

Hamlin survived the scare and is healthy now, but many thought that the Bills player might have lost his life on the field that day. Among the people playing that day was Jordan Poyer.


The Bills star safety recently spoke to Jake Paul and was asked about his experience with the Hamlin situation. Here's what Poyer said on BS w/ Jake Paul:

"It woke me up for sure, and I feel like it still has everybody shook to a certain extent because you played his game your whole life you love this game but to see somebody not even just somebody like my homeboy."
"Like somebody who plays the same position as me and then you see him lifeless like on the field like that. It kind of really puts a lot of things in perspective."

Not only Jordan Poyer, but many other players' perspectives have also changed since the Damar Hamlin incident. It will take time for everyone to recover from the situation, and hopefully, we won't see any other players experiencing the same in the future.

Poyer and the Buffalo Bills will be hoping that Hamlin joins them next season as they continue their quest to win the franchise's first Super Bowl.

.@jakePaul & Jordan Poyer tell all on this week’s episode of @BSJakePaul

Damar Hamlin is expected to play next season

Buffalo Bills' Damar Hamlin On Capitol Hill To Discuss NFL Safety Legislation

Despite his health scare last season, Bills safety Damar Hamlin could be able to play in the NFL next season. As per sources, a doctor close to the franchise has stated that the player will return to playing professional football.


Hamlin went into cardiac arrest during the game against the Cincinnati Bengals but was able to make a full recovery. Since then, Hamlin has thanked everyone who has prayed for his recovery and assisted him in overcoming the situation.

As of now, Hamlin has not made any public comments about returning to play for the Bills next season, although it is widely assumed that he will do so shortly. So far in his NFL career, Hamlin has played 30 games in which he has had 65 solo tackles, 28 assists, and 1.5 sacks.

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