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Cam Newton’s girlfriend jokes about ‘$100,000,000 QB putting pressure’ on having sixth child (Pic Credit Instagram @watchjazzy and Getty)

Cam Newton’s girlfriend jokes about ‘$100,000,000 QB putting pressure’ on having sixth child

Cam Newton's comedian girlfriend Jasmin Brown, better known as Watch Jazzy, recently incorporated her pregnancy as part of her humorous exchange on stage. She joked that the former NFL MVP put pressure on her to have the child.

This is Brown's first baby with Newton, who is the father of five other biological children. The star quarterback has kids with two other women before her, which also explains her tour title — "Baby Momma 3." It is something she is leaning into and it certainly made for good comedic material.

"I’m the third one and this is his sixth child. Somebody [in the audience] said, ‘Ooh couldn’t have been me'. Aight, until a rich n**ga put that pressure on you," she said.


Cam Newton has seven children before his current girlfriend's pregnancy

While Jasmin Brown referred to her pregnancy as Cam Newton's sixth with three different women, the reality is a bit more complicated than that.


Newton was previously engaged to Kia Proctor and fathered four children with her. Their first son Chosen Sebastian was born in 2015. Their other three children, Sovereign-Dior, Camidas, and Cashmere, were born in 2017, 2018, and 2019 respectively. That makes four biological children but she also had a daughter, Shakira, from a previous relationship, whom the quarterback accepted as his own.

He also fathered a son with former girlfriend La Reina Shaw, named Caesar. The news came out while he was still engaged to Proctor and that was the reason for his relationship falling apart in 2020. Shaw also had another son, Jaden, from a previous relationship, and Cam Newton considers himself to be his father as well.

Therefore, as Watch Jazzy said, hers is his sixth biological child with three different women. But he considers himself a father of seven: five biological children with two women and accepting a daughter and a son from each of their previous relationships. Thus, this would be his eighth kid.


While his relationships have not all worked out perfectly, it seems clear that Newton has a great bond with all his children. And he has the means to take care of them, reportedly being worth $75 million currently.

Even though he has not played for more than a year since his last appearance for the Carolina Panthers, he was one of the earliest members of the $100 million quarterback club. When he signed his $103.76m deal in 2015, he eclipsed another former MVP, Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons, in the earnings bracket.

However, it seems clear that despite his best efforts, Cam Newton has not succeeded in being excluded from his current girlfriend's comedy. But that does not look like it is affecting his relationship, as he waits to become a father all over again.

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