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Lamar Jackson has great arm strength to go with his running abilities

Can Lamar Jackson throw deep? Old footage emerges of Ravens QB throwing 100-yard pass

Baltimore Ravens running back Lamar Jackson is currently in the midst of a contract dispute as he reportedly looks to get a fully guaranteed contract.

Since entering the league, Jackson is best known for his running ability. His quick, lightning feet and speed make him nearly impossible to bring down. There have been several questions over whether he can, in fact, throw like a top-tier quarterback.


Given that he has an NFL MVP award, we suggest that he can, but let's revisit the time when Jackson threw a 100-yard pass on a football field. Yes, you read that right. Take a look below.

Now the video is clearly very old and very pixelated, but it does look like the current Ravens quarterback heaved the ball a seriously long way. While we do not know the exact measurements of his throw, we can see that it travels a fair distance.

As Jackson famously said: "Not bad for a running back."

While we haven't seen a throw that big from Jackson in the NFL, his arm talent is right up there with the best in the NFL. This old video somewhat proves that he can launch the football when called upon.


Lamar Jackson is a proper dual-threat quarterback

Lamar Jackson in action

Since being drafted, Lamar Jackson has been an enigma. He is perhaps one of the best runners in the NFL and, coupled with his throwing ability that has gotten better each year, the quarterback is tough to stop.

He is 45-16 in the regular season and has thrown 101 touchdowns to just 38 interceptions. For a quarterback who "can't throw," Lamar Jackson's MVP season, where he threw 36 touchdowns, catches the eye.


While his throwing has improved, his running ability continues to cause problems for defenses.

In back-to-back seasons - 2019 and 2020 - Lamar Jackson rushed for over 1,000 yards and seven touchdowns. 2019 was his MVP year, so you add his 35 throwing touchdowns to this and you can see why he was the unanimous choice for the award.

He has been getting injured rather frequently the last two seasons, but he still has rushed for over 700 yards in each season while having a winning record as well.

However, for all the great things he has done in the NFL, his reported 100-yard pass is going to be difficult to trump.

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