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  • Chris Russo blasts "80-year old man" Joe Namath over Zach Wilson criticism - "Get him outta there now"
Chris Russo: Joe Namath's denunciation of Zach Wilson is overblown

Chris Russo blasts "80-year old man" Joe Namath over Zach Wilson criticism - "Get him outta there now"

Zach Wilson and the New York Jets have been struggling ever since they lost star acquisition Aaron Rodgers to an Achilles injury in his first game against the Buffalo Bills. In those games, former main man Wilson, who was forced to reclaim his starting position, was intercepted thrice and sacked six times. However, the Jets, and specifically head coach Robert Saleh, have reaffirmed their faith in him.

However, on Monday, former franchise legend, Joe Namath, denounced the vote of confidence, telling Michael Kay:

"I didn't take anything positive out of it. It was awful. You sit down? You sit down on a play? You go right down? What happened? I thought you're trying to win and make plays. You quit on a play? What is going on? It's disgusting.
"I wouldn't keep him. I've seen enough of Zach Wilson."

There is, however, at least one Zach Wilson defender out there, Chris "Mad Dog" Russo. Speaking after his eponymous SiriusXM radio podcast, he condemned Namath's choice of words, saying:

“Do we need Joe going on radio… and I love Kay. But do we need Joe Namath going on Michael Kay’s radio show, basically calling Zach Wilson’s play disgusting? And, you know, he’s got to get out of there, get him outta there now, tomorrow."
“But I mean, geez, we gotta have Joe pile on now? This is what we gotta have - an 80-year-old man go on a radio show in New York and basically say that the Jets quarterback is a disaster, a young quarterback trying to find his footing.”
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Chris Russo comes in defense of Zach Wilson

Russo was not done there, however. He then proceeded to defend Wilson's recent struggles and said:

“The problem is, is that Zach Wilson has been destroyed by every Jets fan that I know of and killed. Again, tarred and feathered. And the last thing the kid needs, and I actually feel sorry for him. The last thing he needs is Joe Willie to go on a big radio program on the Jets’ station …and basically call the guy incompetent.
“How many times are you going to treat [Wilson] like a piñata? I mean eventually you gotta say you know what, geez, let him play. Tim Boyle [the Jets’ backup quarterback] is not the answer, OK.”

There is already a contingency plan in East Rutherford, as the Jets have signed veteran Trevor Siemian.

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