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  • Cowboys fans ask Jerry Jones to sign DeAndre Hopkins following star WR’s release from Cardinals 
Cowboys fans want Jerry Jones to sign DeAndre Hopkins

Cowboys fans ask Jerry Jones to sign DeAndre Hopkins following star WR’s release from Cardinals 

On Friday, May 26, All-Pro wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins was released by the Arizona Cardinals. The move came as a surprise as it was expected that the team would trade him this off-season.

Due to not being able to find a trade partner (likely because of his large contract), the Cardinals were unable to make the move, making Hopkins an unrestricted free agent.


As expected, Hopkins has a lot of interest from many teams. It's anybody's guess as to who Hopkins will sign with. On Reddit, a Dallas Cowboys fan reposted the news of Hopkins becoming a free agent.

This caused the Dallas fanbase to urge the team to go after the new free-agent wide receiver. The Cowboys fans are calling for Jerry Jones and the team to sign him.


Dallas currently has $10 million in cap space for the remainder of the season and could take a shot at signing him.

Here's how Dallas fans reacted:


DeAndre Hopkins brushed off the idea of playing with Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys

DeAndre Hopkins during Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Arizona Cardinals

While Dallas Cowboys fans like the idea of their team signing DeAndre Hopkins, the feeling might not be mutual. Hopkins joined the I Am Athlete podcast last week and revealed which five quarterbacks he'd like to play for.

"I will have to say one of my favorite quarterbacks that I've been watching since he came in the league is Josh Allen. He reminds me of a new school Andrew Luck. I love Josh Allen. Jalen Hurts — Houston kid. You're a dog, Jalen. Number three ... Patrick Mahomes, obviously."

Hopkins was then asked if Dak Prescott or any of the young up-and-coming QBs were on his list. He brushed off the idea of playing with them and named Lamar Jackson and Justin Herbert as the fourth and fifth quarterbacks he'd like to play with.

"Number four, I gotta go with an underdog. Not a lot of people respect this guy as a throwing quarterback, Lamar. Lamar Jackson, obviously. But my number five quarterback, man, ‘cause there’s some good quarterbacks out there that’s young and good. I'll have to go with my dude in San Diego, with the Chargers (Los Angeles quarterback Justin Herbert).”

Hopkins is free to sign with whoever he'd like. It makes sense for him to sign with a contender such as the Kansas City Chiefs or the Buffalo Bills if he wants to compete for a Super Bowl.

If he's seeking a large contract which it's been reported that he is, there are many teams with enough money to give him a lucrative contract. As for Jerry Jones, it seems unlikely that the Cowboys owner will push the button to get star receiver.

Who do you think DeAndre Hopkins will sign with?

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