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  • Cowboys fans reach consensus on Troy Aikman vs Tony Romo debate - “A legend without a legendary team”
Fans react to Troy Aikman vs Tony Romo debate

Cowboys fans reach consensus on Troy Aikman vs Tony Romo debate - “A legend without a legendary team”

Troy Aikman and Tony Romo are two of the greatest quarterbacks in Dallas Cowboys history. They achieved their legendary statuses within the franchise through vastly different career accomplishments. While Romo set many of the Cowboys' all-time passing records, he failed to win a Super Bowl ring. Aikman won three of them during one of the greatest dynasties in NFL history.

While no quarterback can win a Super Bowl on their own, teams rarely win one without the help of an elite quarterback. Great quarterbacks also need a strong supporting cast around them. The Cowboys' roster of the 1990s decade with Troy Aikman as their quarterback is considered one of the best all-around teams in NFL history. Tony Romo never really had that same luxury during his career.


Many fans on Reddit have been recently debating which of the two iconic Cowboys was the better quarterback. The consensus seems to favor Tony Romo as many of them believe he could have had similar or better success if he was lucky enough to have as good of a team around him as Troy Aikman did.

Here are some of the top comments supporting Romo over Aikman:


What makes a player greater than another is mostly subjective. Each Romo and Aikman put together excellent careers, but for many different reasons. Romo was far superior in most statistical categories, especially cumulatively throughout their careers, while Aikman's postseason career was clearly much more successful.


Comparing different players from different eras is also a tricky concept as the rules of the game and style of play drastically change over the years. Many NFL rule changes have favored quarterbacks and the overall passing game, so Tony Romo was in a more ideal environment to thrive statistically.

Aikman, on the other, played part of his career before the salary cap era, allowing the Cowboys to build a stacked roster around him. It's hard to say if he would have had as much success with an inferior team around him or if Romo would have won rings with a stronger roster. Regardless of who is the "better" quarterback, they each deserve mentioning among the greatest quarterbacks in Cowboys history.

How many Cowboys QBs are in the Hall of Fame?

Troy Aikman (L)

Just two Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks have received the honor of being selected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Roger Staubach was the first to be elected in 1985. He was followed by Troy Aikman in the 2006 class. The two legends combined to win all five Super Bowl rings in Cowboys history.

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