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  • Dak Prescott's girlfriend Sarah Jane lends support to Cowboys QB's cancer awareness campaign with Ryan Reynolds
Dak Prescott's girlfriend Sarah Jane Ramos is supporting his newest cancer detection initiative.

Dak Prescott's girlfriend Sarah Jane lends support to Cowboys QB's cancer awareness campaign with Ryan Reynolds

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is partnering with Ryan Reynolds to spread the word about early cancer screenings. Prescott's mother, Peggy Prescott, died of colon cancer in November 2013 while he was playing at Mississippi State. Spreading awareness is a topic that is close to the Cowboys' quarterback's heart.

His recent initiative with Cologuard even made a segment on NBC's The Today Show. His girlfriend, Sarah Jane Ramos shared the post about the quarterback's recent campaign. She lended support to him and emphasized the importance of early detection.

"Awareness and early detection give us the power to influence outcomes."
Dak Prescott's girlfriend Sarah Jane is giving him credit for a recent campaign.

Prescott posted the new video of the campaign with Cologuard on his social media accounts. The video, while informative, also takes a comedic approach and takes a few jabs at some of his rivals including the Philadelphia Eagles.

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The Dallas Cowboys quarterback is expected to get a few laughs, it's also intended to bring awareness and educate others on being their own health advocates.


Dak Prescott and girlfriend Sarah Jane Ramos announce pregnancy

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott and his girlfriend Sarah Jane Ramos announced big news last week. The couple is expecting their first child, a daughter, in the near future. The couple didn't give an exact due date at the time of the announcement.

Ramos posted a photo of her maternity shoot calling their baby 'a little bit of heaven sent down to Earth.' She then stated that she was excited to raise a strong, confident little girl with the Cowboys quarterback.

"A little bit of Heaven sent down to Earth 🤍 Our immeasurable blessing. I cannot wait to raise a strong, confident, beautiful baby girl with you @_4dak"
"How thankful I am to do this with you can’t be explained! God makes no mistakes and nothing is coincidental and for that, I thank Him Daily! ❤️ I love you, and y’all can always count on me ♥️🙏🏽 Let’s do this Mama"

Prescott replied to the post about how thankful he was to be welcoming a child with her. He then professed his love and admiration for Sarah Jane Ramos and showed his excitement for the arrival of his future daughter.

Prescott and Ramos' relationship status first circulated early in the season when she was seen attending Dallas Cowboys games.

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