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  • Darius Slay calls Tekashi 6ix9ine's LA Fitness attack a 'set up', sparks heated debate amongst fans
Darius Slay on Tekashi 6ix9ine's gym attack

Darius Slay calls Tekashi 6ix9ine's LA Fitness attack a 'set up', sparks heated debate amongst fans

Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Darius Slay has doubts regarding the recent reports of rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine being ambushed and beaten at a gym in Florida. While the 26-year-old was rushed to the hospital, a video recording the event was shared online. Despite the injuries, Slay was a little wary of the attack video.

"Am I the only one thinks he set this up," Slay wrote.
Am I the only one thinks he set this up twitter.com/nojumper/statu…
Video of 6ix9ine getting jumped at LA Fitness

Also a former convict, the musician was taken to the hospital shortly after the attack, which occurred outside the washroom. Two men repeatedly attacked the rapper, who was doing his best to safeguard his head. However, one man yelled at the Brooklyn-native to 'shut the f*** up,' before proceeding to hit his stomach and head.

An ambulance was called and the police. According to his attorney (as reported by TMZ), the men jumped him outside the sauna when he was without his security. He suffered jaw, rib and back injuries. Earlier this month, 6ix9ine was reportedly thrown out of a baseball stadium for troubling other fans in a drunken stupor.

Darius Slay's words indicate that the athlete didn't believe the attack was genuine. That being said, a few fans were also in agreement. Considering replies to Slay's replies, fans seemed divided about the claim. A few noted how intense the attack was, and it would be stupid for 6ix9ine to stage out something so hazardous to his health.

@bigplay24slay A public place like LA Fitness with 1,000 cameras and witnesses? If this was real, it wouldn’t be in LA Fitness….or even recorded. Why would someone who wanted to harm him put their face on camera and also…barely even hurt him?
@bigplay24slay That album on the way … all that is
@bigplay24slay I'm actually a fan. But I'm going to sit here and record this. Ok? Good luck to you... yikes.
@bigplay24slay 10000%…. He prolly has a album dropping or a single dropping next Friday. It’s a P.R stunt
@bigplay24slay Lookin like a WWE cut scene
tryn get back relevant by any means possible twitter.com/bigplay24slay/…
Crazy ppl don’t even believe what they see with they own eyes anymore twitter.com/bigplay24slay/…
Nope because it definitely looks like one twitter.com/bigplay24slay/…
His face after and that rib stomp kinda speak for themselves twitter.com/bigplay24slay/…
Am I the only one thinks he set this up twitter.com/nojumper/statu…

Most users agreed with Slay, wondering if the musician has any new singles he's about to drop. Others referred to it as a WWE cut, and wondered if this is what people do these days to stay relevant. Others pointed out the rib stomp and stated that people don't even believe something they say these days.


Darius Slay hits back at controversial Florida bill

Earlier, Slay took to sharing his thoughts on Florida's controversial bill regarding Black Fraternities and Sororities on public college campuses.

"No way!!" Slay tweeted.
No way!! twitter.com/blackmillions_…
A new bill passed by Florida House could ban all Black Fraternities and Sororities on public college campuses due to their association with diversity, inclusion and critical race theory.

The bill could end up banning activities promoted by 'multicultural student unions, black fraternities and sororities, and curriculum in Jewish history, women's studies, and LGBTQ+ education.' So, there are many people who could be impacted by the bill.

Darius Slay at the Super Bowl LVII Opening Night presented by Fast Twitch

In other news, Slay recently signed a two-year, $42 million extension with the Philadelphia Eagles. If all goes well, the 32-year-old plans to retire with the team.

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