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  • Darius Slay weighs in on Shannon Sharpe’s alleged rift with Skip Bayless - “Damn this is bad”
Darius Slay weighs in on Shannon Sharpe’s alleged rift with Skip Bayless (Pic Courtesy: Twitter @RealSkipBayless and Getty)

Darius Slay weighs in on Shannon Sharpe’s alleged rift with Skip Bayless - “Damn this is bad”

Darius Slay has weighed in on the alleged rift between 'Undisputed' hosts Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless. With the NFL Hall-of-Famer looking to move on from presenting alongside Bayless, there have been rumors that their personal relationship is not all well.

Now, the Philadelphia Eagles cornerback recently commented on the matter by tweeting out a video of a TikTok compilation of every time the two have quarreled on set.


It includes times when Sharpe got frustrated when Bayless did not let him speak. It also included times when they had a kerfuffle after Bayless' controversial tweet on Damar Hamlin.

It was bookended by the time when Bayless insinuated that Sharpe was criticizing Tom Brady because he was jealous of his success. Darius Slay wrote that he understood why the NFL legend is leaving the show, saying:

"I see y he leaving now… damn this is bad!!!"
I see y he leaving now… damn this is bad!!! tiktok.com/t/ZTRo7aMEN/


Is Darius Slay right in his assessment that Shannon Sharpe is leaving because he was disrespected by Skip Bayless?

Notwithstanding Darius Slay's assessment of the whole affair, there seem to be multiple layers of why Shannon Sharpe is bailing out on Skip Bayless. There are reports that the contractual terms are not the same for both of them and the former Super Bowl winner earns less than the veteran media personality.

There are also reports that they do not get an equal say in choosing topics of discussion and debate.

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However, Shannon Sharpe's social media activity has indicated that there is a personal rift that goes beyond contractual disputes. While he has not directly addressed the matter, the NFL legend has liked tweets that have cast Skip Bayless as being jealous of his success without him.


The former Denver Broncos great is expected to stay on 'Undisputed' until the NBA Finals are over before leaving the show. There has been no indication of where he will turn up next, though a lot of loyal fans have vouched to follow him wherever he goes. Furthermore, who 'Undisputed' is getting in return to replace Sharpe has also not yet been revealed.

It will be a fascinating time during the NFL offseason to see where they both go forward from here. When you have someone like Darius Slay's attention, it speaks to how much of an eye even NFL players are keeping on these developments, just as every NFL fan is too.

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