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  • Dave Portnoy goes off on "cringy," "cornball" Travis Kelce amid Taylor Swift link-up: "He's a little f**king corny"
Dave Portnoy goes off on "cringy," "cornball" Travis Kelce amid Taylor Swift link-up

Dave Portnoy goes off on "cringy," "cornball" Travis Kelce amid Taylor Swift link-up: "He's a little f**king corny"

Dave Portnoy is not feeling the Taylor Swift hype after being linked with Travis Kelce. But that is more to do with the tight end than it is to do with the star singer. He is not enamored with how the footballer has gone about the whole thing and took the time to give his opinion on the matter.

Dave Portnoy criticized his style and said that he found him a bit cringy for having had a dating show. He also compared him unfavorably to Leonardo DiCaprio. His full quote reads,

"I don't like Travis Kelce's style at all. I think he's a little bit cringy. The man had his own dating show like that. If you have a dating show, that's a little cringy. Leonardo DiCaprio is not doing like a dating show. I don't know. A little corny. He's a little cornball to me but Taylor maybe a little bit too."

Dave Portnoy went on to call the footballer as someone who is addicted to fame. He picked the way he went online and essentially asked Taylor Swift out. In Portnoy's reading, it was a lame attempt. He continued,

"Well, I think he is addicted to the fame a little bit but like his quote like 'hey, supposedly this is what he said on the McAfee show, like 'Hey Taylor, I saw you rock like MetLife. Why don't you come see me rock Arrowhead?' like, lame. That's fucking lame."

However, Dave Portnoy acknowledged that might be a certain appeal for Taylor Swift as Travis Kelce is a professional athlete but he thinks the Chiefs tight end is corny. He finished,

"Travis Kelce is a great looking dude. I get it. He's a professional athlete that has great appeal. I do think he's a little fucking corny."

Dave Portnoy is a Taylor Swift fan but not of Travis Kelce

One might wonder why Dave Portnoy is weighing into this matter. But the truth is that the Barstool Sports personality is a self-described Swiftie. He has previously ranked all of his top two dozen Taylor Swift songs.

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The other issue is that he is not really a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs. From Massachusetts, he is fan of the New England Patriots and the Boston Celtics. He had previously been detained by the police, wearing a Tom Brady jersey, after approaching the NFL headquarters following the Deflategate scandal.


Now that the Chiefs have taken over from the Patriots as the new dynasty in town, there is every reason for him not to be too pleased with one of its architects.

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