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  • Dez Bryant goes off on Craig Carton for wild remarks about Dak Prescott’s girlfriend - “Supposed to be thrown underneath the jail cell”
Dez Bryant defending Dak Prescott, girlfriend from Craig Carton

Dez Bryant goes off on Craig Carton for wild remarks about Dak Prescott’s girlfriend - “Supposed to be thrown underneath the jail cell”

Dez Bryant has come in defense of an old teammate.

Last week, Dak Prescott's girlfriend Sarah Jane Ramos announced she and the Dallas Cowboys quarterback were expecting their first child. But while many rejoiced, Craig Carton was not exactly one of them, instead calling it a distraction on his eponymous FS1 show:

"He’s not married, right. So now I gotta question if she’s a gold digger. She might not be. I gotta question it right. He’s got everything going right."

Those comments sparked massive outrage, with fans calling out Carton on social media. The former wide receiver also joined in, referencing the sportscaster's arrest and imprisonment for various financial crimes:

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What did Dak Prescott say about his impending entry into fatherhood?

Most likely, however, Dak Prescott does not mind Craig Carton's comments, instead focusing on his impending new job. On Monday, he sat down with Patrik Walker to discuss his thoughts on parenthood.

He began by saying that he had been wanting a girl, which came true:

"Part of it, I think, was to not get too excited for a boy but, no, I do want a girl. I'm blessed and thankful. Obviously, everyone knows what my mom means to me so just being able to raise a little girl, I'm excited for all of the challenges."

He also expounded on what it meant for his development as both a player and a person:

"I can definitely say it would've been harder early in my career, but this comes with growth and growing up. It comes with life — something I'm super excited about, super blessed. I can't imagine being blessed like this early on in my career. God's timing is everything."

Dez Bryant apologizes to Malika Andrews for Josh Giddey comments

Dez Bryant apologized for lashing out at Malika Andrews for remaining silent on Josh Giddey's alleged relationship with an underage girl.

Back on Monday, he posted this on his X/Twitter account:

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This prompted a response from Andrews' ESPN colleague Stephen A. Smith, who said on his eponymous show:

"That was a bit extreme. ... Getting on Malika Andrews about this, I believe, is off-kilter. And it’s a bit extreme bringing up her parents, upbringing and some private school education. Come on, Dez! What if she brought up your stuff?”

Bryant eventually attempted to defuse the situation by posting an apology, while still explaining his perspective.k:

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