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Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

"Tom Brady needed to get rid of Bruce" - Senior NFL analyst makes sensational claim

It was a shock to everyone in the NFL when Tampa Bay Bucs head coach Bruce Arians announced that he would be retiring from the NFL, and some blamed Tom Brady.

It is strange that after Tom Brady returned to the league three weeks ago, Arians would step down as their head coach.


One NFL analyst strongly suggests that Tom Brady forced Bruce Arians to retire.

Colin Cowherd thinks Tom Brady helped orchestrate Arians' ouster in Tampa.

"These personalities have always been more different. Football is not the problem, and it's the cultural gap, he's going to (Brady) have to train this team to be obsessed. It's a little bit of a power grab. Older coach and obsessed quarterback."
"Tom went to Tampa for 2 things: weapons and control, and he got one out of the shoot and didn't get the other and he wanted it," Cowherd said. "Is that fair?"

Cowerd seems to be saying that Arians was a little bit more laidback than Brady and that might have been a major issue between the two. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady never had a problem with intensity, which is why they were able to sustain their working relationship for so long.

But in the end, Brady left New England and now if you have to wonder if Arians retiring is part of the reason Brady decided to return.

Bruce Arians dismisses Tom Brady beef after announcing he is stepping down as Bucs head coach
8:30 AM · Mar 31, 2022

Did Tom Brady's relationship with Bruce Arians fall apart?

New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

There had been rumors during the offseason that the Arians/Brady relationship had fallen apart, although Arians said recently that him and the quarterback talked a lot during his short retirement.

But when Brady first talked about returning rumors were that he might be going to another team, Arians made it perfectly clear that if Brady were to return, it would be as a Buccaneer.

At no point was the team ever going to trade him to another team, which may be one of the reasons for the so-called strain in their relationship. Another reason might have been Antonio Brown.

Brady was the one who insisted that Brown be brought to the team, which brought nothing but trouble. Brown, of course, left in the middle of a football game against the New York Jets and was released from the team.

Now, Brown is blaming both Brady and Arians for his issues on the team. But this still shouldn't be the reason why the pair didn't get along. It might be like Cowherd said, in the end it might be just be a power grab by Brady to have more control over the team, but if that were true, then why is Arians still with the team?

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