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All-Pro tight end Travis Kelce and 12-time Grammy Award winner Taylor Swift

Did Travis Kelce spend Thanksgiving with Taylor Swift? KFC reveals Chiefs TE's dinner order

Unfortunately, Travis Kelce wasn’t able to spend Thanksgiving with Taylor Swift. With the holiday falling on Nov. 23, Swift was in Sao Paulo, Brazil, preparing for the final leg of her Eras Tour this year. Meanwhile, Kelce was taking a break from football, as the Kansas City Chiefs were not among the six teams playing that day.

However, their relationship isn’t a secret after Kelce’s lengthy feature article in The Wall Street Journal. It confirmed speculations about their romance, as hinted by going out together and sharing a kiss after her concert in Argentina.


Likewise, Kentucky Fried Chicken did not hide what the two-time Super Bowl champion ordered for his Thanksgiving feast.

Travis Kelce had a chicken feast for Thanksgiving


Traditional Thanksgiving feasts revolve around roasted turkey. However, Travis Kelce didn’t bother to prepare, as he had no family members coming to Kansas City. His mother, Donna, decided to spend Thanksgiving with Travis’ older brother, Jason Kelce, in Philadelphia.

The All-Pro center invited his brother to spend the holiday with them. Jason tried to bait Travis with pork chops instead of turkey for main course. However, the All-Pro tight end opted to stay in Kansas City to celebrate Thanksgiving with his friends.


Instead of preparing for the meal, the eight-time Pro Bowler had KFC delivered at his residence, which his friend Aric Jones photographed. The restaurant chain also shared the photo on their X (formerly called Twitter) account.

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KFC revealed what Travis Kelce had ordered. Aside from 56 pieces of chicken, the Kansas City Chiefs star also bought 80 Hot Wings, three catering-sized mashed potatoes, two mac and cheese, and two corn servings.

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Before Thanksgiving, the younger Kelce brother declared that he’d be on his own and feasting on KFC. While the first thing isn’t true, as his friends joined him, he did push through with the KFC feast.

Meanwhile, Yahoo! Life & Style Beth Shilliday reported that Taylor Swift flew on her jet from Sao Paulo to Tampa, Florida, after wrapping up her 2023 Eras Tour schedule. The plane took off from Tampa and landed in Kansas City at 11 a.m. Eastern Time on Nov. 27.

Travis Kelce needs a boost in his football performance

While he had six catches for 91 yards in the win against the Las Vegas Raiders, Travis Kelce hasn’t had a 100-yard game when Taylor Swift isn’t around.

Before his haul against their AFC West rivals, he had 44 yards against the Philadelphia Eagles in a Super Bowl LVII rematch. Before that game, he only had 14 yards in the win over the Miami Dolphins in Frankfurt, Germany.

With Swift in attendance, Kelce averages 108 yards per game. Fortunately, for him and Chiefs fans, the 12-time Grammy Award winner will have more time on her hands because her Eras Tour won’t resume until February. Therefore, she will have more opportunities to cheer for her boyfriend in person.

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