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  • Fans believe Aaron Rodgers is back to old habits as Jets ditch mandatory minicamp - “Has them by the b*lls”
Aaron Rodgers has enjoyed his time in New York thus far.

Fans believe Aaron Rodgers is back to old habits as Jets ditch mandatory minicamp - “Has them by the b*lls”

NFL fans are already developing their own storylines when it comes to Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets this offseason. As teams begin their mandatory mini camps that span three days, NFL Network's Ian Rappoport revealed that the Jets aren't doing a mini camp.

Now, that might seem odd for some as any kind of work teams can get in this offseason is like gold, and some NFL fans think that this is all Aaron Rodgers' doing.


This is likely not the case, but given Rodgers' reported track record with offseason workouts with the Green Bay Packers, we can see why. One fan thinks the Jets' decision to not hold a mandatory mini camp is all Aaron Rodgers' doing.

"Rodgers didn’t want to practice and he has them by the b*lls."
Rodgers didn’t want to practice and he has them by the balls twitter.com/rapsheet/statu…
The #Jets have decided not to hold mandatory minicamp next week, source said, thanks in part to coming to training camp a week early due to the Hall of Fame game. Pleased with the work this spring, coach Robert Saleh sets them free a bit early.

Other NFL fans chimed in with their thoughts on what is an odd situation for the Jets.

@RapSheet this y jets will never contend 4 championshyp

2 afraid to due the work and cave 2 “load mgmt”

sad day for football -mark
@RapSheet Aaron Rodgers really runs the franchise
@RapSheet Rodgers refused to go. They had to cancel it.
@RapSheet Aaron Rodgers just didn’t want to go
@RapSheet New QB but don’t need to get reps
@RapSheet Yup, Jets need no time with Rodgers at the helm. Gearing up for a top three pick next year. Well played.
@RapSheet Aaron said he didn't wanna attend so they just canceled to avoid the drama. Bravo!
@RapSheet Just say Rodgers didn’t want to show up
@RapSheet Rodgers already stirring up trouble

So it appears that many fans are already drawing the conclusion that Rodgers is the reason why the Jets aren't holding a mini camp. Now, we don't know that for certain, but it is hard to imagine that the new quarterback would already have this kind of pull inside the organization.

Aaron Rodgers and Jets eye Super Bowl glory

New York Jets Offseason Workout

The Jets were close to being a playoff team last season and one could make the case that had they had a veteran quarterback like Aaron Rodgers, a playoff appearance would have been sewn up midway through the year.


Now with the 4x NFL MVP on the roster, naturally, expectations are high for what Rodgers and this Jets team can do. With a host of weapons like running back Breece Hall and receivers Garrett Wilson, Corey Davis, Randall Cobb, and Allen Lazard, it is easy to see why many have the Jets challenging in the AFC this year.


Of course, there is still a long way to go and if veteran quarterbacks moving taught us anything last year (looking at Russell Wilson), it's that it doesn't guarantee success.

This is why many find it odd that the Jets aren't holding a mini camp as it would have been the perfect way to continue to build chemistry with Rodgers and his new teammates.

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