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NFL fans rally to back Tom Brady more than eight years after deflategate

Fans are resurrecting Tom Brady’s Deflategate era with crystal-clear judgment

Tom Brady's reputation during his time with the New England Patriots was often in flux. Much of the league's fans were tired of watching him make playoff run after playoff run, and many believed that once Spygate happened, the team could never be trusted again.

That is why, once Deflategate happened, fans rioted on social media. However, fans are returning to the scene of the "crime" more than eight years since the playoff game in question happened against the Indianapolis Colts.


In a resurfaced infographic depicting the quarterback's statistics before and after the accusation, the numbers show that Brady improved after the deflategate. Here's how fans reacted on Reddit earlier this week:


Tom Brady's deflategate scandal spawns two NFL careers

No. 12 at NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The quarterback bagged a Super Bowl ring at the end of the 2014 season via a playoff run but couldn't start the 2016 season due to his suspension over the scandal. The Patriots started with Jimmy Garoppolo, the long-awaited successor to No. 12 in the eyes of most fans.


At first, he didn't disappoint, winning both of his starts before succumbing to injury. Of course, in 2023, most now know that he eventually played in a Super Bowl, but injuries have held him back.

After Garoppolo's injury in 2016, Jacoby Brissett introduced himself to the league, one of two starts as well. The team may have gone into the year wondering if they had a quarterback for the four-game suspension, but they emerged learning they had three quarterbacks.

Aside from No. 12's retirement, all three players (most agree Brady could still get a job if he wanted) still have a role in the league.

How well did Tom Brady play for the remainder of the 2016 season?

No. 12 at Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The truncated season led No. 12 to the best touchdown-interception ratio of his career. In 12 games, he threw for 28 touchdowns and two interceptions. The 28 touchdowns rank higher than seven starting seasons in his career, and the two interceptions stand as the fewest of his career, aside from his rookie season and his ruined 2008 season due to an ACL tear.

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