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  • Former NFL QB explains what separates 0-2 Russell Wilson from 0-2 Justin Fields
Former NFL QB explains what separates 0-2 Russell Wilson from 0-2 Justin Fields

Former NFL QB explains what separates 0-2 Russell Wilson from 0-2 Justin Fields

Russell Wilson's offense was seen as the problem in Denver last season. However, while the offense appears much improved, the team is still 0-2. Meanwhile, Justin Fields is also 0-2 in the NFC North.

Speaking on Get Up, former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky explained why both teams are not the same despite owning the same record. Here's how he put it, crediting Sean Payton:

"This is what's happening in the difference between Denver and the difference between Pittsburgh and Chicago. Anybody can call plays. Very few people can call games. What's happening in Denver is that Sean Payton calls games. He sets things up. He gets feels for what defenses are doing."

He continued, explaining that Sean Payton is thinking in advance while other coordinators are just picking plays on the playsheet:

"It's happening with the Giants and Brian Daboll as well. In Pittsburgh and in Chicago right now, they're just calling plays. What happens is they get this big sheet. There are plays on them. 'Let's do this. We're just calling plays.' And what Russ has now is a coach that's calling the game and setting things up to get to stuff later."

Russell Wilson's early start dominates 2022 performance

Broncos QB at Los Angeles Rams v Denver Broncos

Before the start of the Wilson era, the Denver Broncos struggled to find a single quarterback who could maintain a 2:1 touchdown-interception ratio.

From 2016 through the 2021 season, the team tried trading for big free agent quarterbacks and the NFL Draft. Finally, they decided to trade for an older but proven quarterback in the form of Wilson.

In 2022, the move seemed like a disaster, as he was lumped in with the long list of quarterbacks added since Peyton Manning's retirement. In 15 games of action that season, he threw for 16 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. Now, he has thrown for five touchdowns and one interception through two games of action.


Put simply, touchdowns are trending up and just as importantly, interceptions are down.

Justin Fields vs. Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson at Denver Broncos v San Francisco 49ers

Meanwhile, over in the NFC North, Justin Fields is experiencing something close to Wilson's 2022 performance. He has thrown for two touchdowns and three interceptions in two games of action.

In 2022, he threw for 17 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. At his current rate, he will throw for as many touchdowns as last season but also throw for even more interceptions.

Of course, it's still early for both quarterbacks, but one fanbase is clearly much more happy with Wilson over Fields. Will Russell Wilson's offensive resurgence translate into more wins?

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