Sterling Shepard suffers knee injury while jogging downfield | Image Credit: NFL

Giants WR Sterling Shepard suffers serious injury while jogging in bizarre incident

The New York Giants lost a close game 23-16 to the Dallas Cowboys in gut-wrenching fashion, but the loss of Sterling Shepard to an innocuous injury will sting the franchise even more.

With 1:15 left on the game clock in the fourth quarterback, Giants quarterback Daniel Jones dropped back and fired a pass towards wide receiver David Sills, who slipped while cutting inside on his route, allowing Trevon Diggs to intercept the ball. The Cowboys cornerback made no mistake in hauling in the ball before sliding down and effectively confirming his team's victory.


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On the opposite end of the field, Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard was running a go route but slowed down after Diggs picked off Jones' pass. But while jogging down the field, the wide receiver felt a snap in his knee, immediately hit the ground, and asked for medical assistance.

That looks bad for Sterling Shepard

There were no Cowboys defenders in his vicinity, and Shepard was jogging at a leisurely pace when he suffered the injury. The wide receiver was carted off the field before the Cowboys lined up in victory formation and kneeled twice to end the game.

Former Giants quarterback Eli Manning and his brother Peyton watched Shepard's injury unfold on ManningCast and were left speechless by the incident. Peyton winced in agony while watching the replay:

Here's what happened to Sterling Shepard, who was carted off the field.

Sterling Shepard injury: Did Giants WR tear his ACL?

While there is no official word on Sterling Shepard's injury, Sports Injury Central speculates that the wide receiver may have suffered a torn ACL.

It's a tough break for the Giants star, whose 2021 campaign ended prematurely after suffering a torn Achilles, incidentally, against the Cowboys in Week 15. Shepard will likely miss the rest of the 2022 NFL season if the speculated diagnosis is accurate.

It remains to be seen whether the wide receiver has suffered a torn ACL, but it's almost certain that he'll be sidelined for a while.

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