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How did Chase Demoor perform in the Spring League? Is he NFL bound?

Chase DeMoor is the talk of the town, a man who's part of “Too Hot to Handle,” Netflix's dating reality show that's in season two. He's one of the stars of the show and, in addition, DeMoor is an American football player who was most recently part of the Houston Linemen, the Spring League champions in 2021.

Chase DeMoor's season


DeMoor played for the Linemen in the hope that his performances would earn him a shot in the NFL. The Spring League is designed to give players who haven't made it to the pro level an opportunity, or those who are looking for a fresh shot at the sport's top league. Several of the names in the Spring League have made it to the NFL.

DeMoor wasn't a big star as a defensive end. His biggest impact, however, as well as in his college career, was on special teams, where he excelled at blocking field goals. He managed to block a kick during the season, an important feature as special teams is his main chance of making it to the NFL.

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Is Chase DeMoor NFL bound?

Despite his popularity, DeMoor most likely won't make an NFL roster soon. His frame is considered good enough for the position and his ability to block kicks is a strength, but he simply doesn't appear to have enough quality to play in the NFL. DeMoor had a tryout with the Seattle Seahawks a few years ago, but he didn't make the cut.


The ceiling of his career was the CFL, when he signed a contract with the Montreal Alouettes before the league's season was canceled because of COVID-19. He also signed a contract to play with the Arizona Rattlers at the Indoor Football League earlier this year, but chose to play in the Spring League hoping to catch the attention of NFL scouts.

In his college career, he was only part of a Division I team in his final year, when he played for Central Washington, an FCS team. His numbers playing in college weren't enough to catch the attention of an NFL team, and despite his popularity on the Netflix show and his follower numbers on TikTok, it's very unlikely that DeMoor will make an NFL team anytime soon.

You can check out some of the highlights of DeMoor playing for the Spring League in the 2021 season below. It's unclear what his next steps will be, but he may find himself back in the CFL as the league's new season starts August 5.


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