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  • "I changed his mind" - Aaron Rodgers' ex-teammate demands credit for talking 4x MVP out of retirement
No. 12 at Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears

"I changed his mind" - Aaron Rodgers' ex-teammate demands credit for talking 4x MVP out of retirement

When Aaron Rodgers appeared on the Pat McAfee Show to express his desire to play for the New York Jets, he also made another big claim. He claimed that he was 90% retired heading into his darkness retreat.

Then, at some point, his mind changed. Former Packers teammate James Jones is taking credit for Rodgers' change of heart.


Here's how he put it on Up and Adams:

"'When I talked to him in the offseason, I was telling him, 'hey man go ahead and get one more swing at this championship' because I feel like Green Bay has everything he needs over there."

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He explained how the conversation went down:

"Obviously, you're gonna be able to add some pieces of free agency in the draft but I feel like they're built the right way. He [was] just sitting there talking to me and he was like, 'man, to be honest with you. I don't know... if they want me back.' [I was like], 'oh, shoot...' I just told him, 'You're not done.' I changed his mind. 'You got a lot of football left in you.'"

Lastly, Jones claimed that he gave Rodgers a bit of a verbal push:

"We want to see you throw this thing all over the yard and go out there and compete. The NFL is better when Aaron Rodgers is in a uniform and playing quarterback in the National Football League... I just want to see my brother play and spin it... so don't even think about retiring."
“I’m not surprised, but I’m hurt.”

James Jones on Aaron Rodgers intending to play for the Jets.

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Aaron Rodgers waits for news on potential new team

No. 12 at Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers

Heading into the offseason, Aaron Rodgers' future was uncertain. He could have retired, announced a return to his team, or revealed an interest in seeing the country. Now, as March enters its final third, the quarterback has chosen a path.

He's made it clear that he wants to play for the New York Jets. The team has been clear about its interest in him. The Packers, meanwhile, have hinted about their desire to move into the Jordan Love era.

However, no deal has been reached. Until one happens, Rodgers will remain a Packer.

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