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  • IN PHOTOS: Antonio Brown makes Tampa comeback as Super Bowl-winning WR performs hit single at The Ritz
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IN PHOTOS: Antonio Brown makes Tampa comeback as Super Bowl-winning WR performs hit single at The Ritz

Antonio Brown has had much free time recently after throwing his NFL career in the trash due to his many antics. Since his release from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in early January 2022, the former wide receiver has turned into a rapper and returned to Tampa to perform his hit single "Put That Sh*t On."


Obviously, returning to Tampa is a big deal for him. Although he had happy memories with the Buccaneers in his two seasons there, the end of his tenure was awful to see. The situation was so bad for him that no team ever considered signing him after his latest stint in the league.

"Counted me Out, you a Opp #PutthatShiton"

You can see in the pictures that Brown and his entourage were happy during his appearance, with many fans filming him and trying to take selfies as he smiled and celebrated with them.

Why Antonio Brown left the NFL? Is he still a friend of Tom Brady?

Brady wouldn't want his name to be mentioned alongside the former receiver. The GOAT quarterback used to be friends with the now-rapper, playing together on two different teams and winning a Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 2020 season.

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However, the receiver basically ended this friendship by acting crazy with the Buccaneers and then exposing some of his messages with the quarterback.

They joined forces in New England in 2019 and later for two years in Tampa Bay. Since his release, Brown has decided to go after Brady in social media posts, none stranger than a picture of him with Brazilian supermodel – and Tom's former wife – Gisele Bundchen as soon as she and the quarterback announced their divorce.

That's when the quarterback sent a direct message to his former friend about some of his actions:

“You are demonstrating very poor decisions and poor communication to so many people who have gone above and beyond to help you.”

They're not friends anymore, and while Brady has ridden into the sunset earning praise from the entire NFL world, Brown is just an afterthought of somebody who was excellent.

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