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  • IN PHOTOS: Brittany Mahomes and kids enjoy nature during peaceful family outing
Brittany Mahomes and kids enjoy nature during peaceful family outing

IN PHOTOS: Brittany Mahomes and kids enjoy nature during peaceful family outing

The NFL season is packed with schedules and games every single week, especially if you are as busy as Brittany Mahomes. Often attending every game personally, there's limited free time for the Mahomes family.

Furthermore, Brittany also has other businesses of hers to run.


However, no amount of games and events is stopping Brittany Mahomes for spending some quality time with her children, Sterling Skye and Bronze. With a few days present in between days, her updates are mostly chaotic and dramatic.

Ahead of the Kansas City Chiefs clash before the Chicago Bears clash, Brittany took the kids for a small day out by the lake. Two-year-old Sterling was trying to feed the fish, standing adorably as her mother films.

Image Credit: Brittany Mahomes' official IG (@brittanylynne)

Of course, there was an adorable boomerang featuring Bronze, who is just 10 months old. While Sterling and Brittany seemed to smile into the camera, Bronze was staring away, distracted.

Recently, Brittany also took to celebrating Patrick Mahomes' brithday. Though it wasn't a super elaborate event, the family managed to sqeeuze in a celebration for the two-time Super Bowl winner.

Image Credit: Brittany Mahomes' official IG (@brittanylynne)

While Patrick posed with the cake, Brittany wrote:

"Celebrating you is easy! I love you! Yesterday was my guys Birthday! I hope it was the best and you enjoyed every seconf of me beating you in knock out".

Sterling and Bronze weren't present in the photos posted.


Though their older daughter has started attending Chiefs games, it could be some time before both children are out on the field. Bronze, born last November, hasn't turned one years old yet.

Fans aren't happy with Brittany Mahomes keeping around Jackson Mahomes

Despite her enthusiasm, fans continue to call out Brittany and Patrick Mahomes' brother Jackson. Most users refer to the two as pretentious, unhappy with their constant updates during NFL season.

That being said, some fans also express their displeasure at Jackson Mahomes' recent sexual battery case, claiming that the TikTok star should be in jail right now. Spotted in one of Brittany's workout videos, they called out the 28-year-old for keeping Jackson around.


One user added that it's probably Brittany who defends Jackson's behavior, keeping him around because he is her best friend:

"I really think if Brit wasn’t best friends with Jackson we could never have to see or hear from him again. Also I believe it’s Brit who defends his behavior. Patrick knows better".

As the season progresses, one can expect to see more content involving Brittany and Jackson. Sometimes, Jackson also shares a few snaps featuring the entire family.

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