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Claire Kittle, George Kittle's wife, shares her outfit for Thursday Night Football. (Image credit: Claire Kittle on Instagram)

IN PHOTOS: Claire Kittle dashes in stunning outfit as 49ers record dominant win over Giants

Claire Kittle has supported her husband, George Kittle, since they met in 2012. She has been by his side, especially when the San Francisco 49ers tight end couldn’t play due to injury. Her presence inspires the All-Pro player to do his best while chasing that elusive Super Bowl title.

Claire’s support includes attending George’s games whenever she can. She's a regular fixture during the 49ers' home games at the Levi’s Stadium, wearing fabulous outfits.


The Niners’ Week 3 Thursday Night Football game against the New York Giants was no different. George Kittle’s wife shared her outfit for the Thursday Night Football game against the New York Giants, which matched the team’s colors.

She wore a 49ers shirt, red pants and matching shoes to the game. Claire also brought a matching football-shaped purse.

Here are the photos:

(Image credit: Claire Kittle on Instagram)
Claire Kittle (Image credit: Claire Kittle on Instagram)

The couple also shared a kiss before the game. It was the boost George Kittle needed, as he ended the game with seven catches for 90 yards. More importantly, the San Francisco 49ers dominated their fellow NFC squad in a 30-12 win.

Kyle Shanahan’s offense had solid contributions across the board. Brock Purdy had 25 completions for 310 yards and two touchdowns. Christian McCaffrey had 119 total yards (85 rushing) and a touchdown. Deebo Samuel had six catches for 129 yards and a touchdown.

The 49ers' defense also limited the Giants to 166 yards on offense and one touchdown. They had six quarterback hits, two sacks and an interception on Daniel Jones.

This win puts the 49ers atop the NFC with a 3-0 record. They're one of seven unbeaten teams in the 2023 NFL season.


Who is Claire Kittle?

Claire is more than just George Kittle’s wife. They crossed paths in 2012 as students at the University of Iowa. While George played for the football team, Claire was a women’s basketball varsity player for four years.

Unfortunately, a knee injury derailed her basketball career during her senior season. However, her relationship with George strengthened, culminating in the four-time Pro Bowler proposing to her in 2018. George got the 49ers involved in his proposal, telling Claire that the team was doing features on NFL couples.

The Kittles got married twice. Their April 2019 ceremony had only their immediate families as guests. Two years later, they had another ceremony for a bigger crowd. Claire Kittle is originally from Tennessee. Aside from being an athlete, she also posts her thoughts and life updates on her blog, Lettey Set Go.

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