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Matthew Stafford's wife Kelly shared pics of a family vacation to Florida.

In Photos: Matthew Stafford's wife shares final day snaps from heavenly Florida trip

Matthew Stafford will soon start his third season with the Los Angeles Rams. But, in the meantime, he and his family enjoyed a family vacation to the west coast of Florida. His wife Kelly took to Instagram to express her feelings on a 'heavenly vacation'.

She posted a variety of photos of her and the Los Angeles Rams quarterback as well as their four daughters and extended family. She also wrote about the benefits of a vacation and how it revitalizes the body and the mind in the caption.

"Some trips make you tan, full from good food, and relaxed from laying around. Some trips are for the soul: they make you glow from within, they get you off your feet and dancing, and they re-prioritize all your worries about the world. Can you guess what kind of trip #hallheaven was? Grateful for every second I get to spend with this crazy family of mine. Also… trick question- it was both."

Apart from the photographs, there was also a video of her sitting in a bucket hat in a beach chair while her children played in the sand on the beach.

Matthew Stafford's wife Kelly documented their family vacation in Florida.

She finished her post by saying that her previous notion was a trick question and that this trip to the Tampa Bay area was actually relaxing and good for the soul.


Matthew and Kelly Stafford have four daughters: six-year-old twins, a four-year-old, and a three-year-old.

Kelly reveals Matthew Stafford's biggest mistake on their wedding day


Kelly and Matthew Stafford just celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary. And, according to the Los Angeles Rams quarterback's wife, he made a big mistake leading up to the ceremony.

On her 'The Morning After' podcast, Kelly revealed that Matthew forgot his shoes. She said that her mom came to her before the ceremony and asked if she had his shoes in her bag. She didn't, which led to quite the journey to get them in time.

She said that it included picking them up and getting them through Atlanta traffic.

"'Nothing’s wrong. You don’t, by any chance, have Matthew’s shoes in your bag, do you?’ And I was like, ‘No', and she was like, ‘OK, alright’. If you know Atlanta, traffic is awful, we were already downtown and we did not live close to downtown, so they had to drive all the way back to get Matthew’s f–king shoes that he forgot and try to get back for the wedding in time, which they did, but that was the biggest, I think hiccup, was Matthew,” she said.

She said that they were able to get the shoes from their home outside of Atlanta to downtown in time for their ceremony.


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