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  • In Photos: Olivia Culpo drops stunning beach shots from opulent family vacation 
Olivia Culpo drops stunning beach shots from opulent family vacation

In Photos: Olivia Culpo drops stunning beach shots from opulent family vacation 

Olivia Culpo is making the most of her life before marriage to San Francisco 49ers star Christian McCaffrey.

The former Miss Universe is on a lavish vacation with her family, enjoying beachers, cruises and parties with her loved ones. Of course, McCaffrey doesn't seem to have accompanied the Culpo clan for their vacation.


That being said, Culpo is making sure to keep her fans updated with various snaps from the party, including some stunning photos from the beach. Along with a few photos with her family, Culpo also posted a few solo photos from the trip:

Image Credit: Olivia Culpo's official IG account (@oliviaculpo)

Of course, Olivia also shared a few shots with her family, who seemed to have an amazing time together. Considering Culpo and McCaffrey are planning a summer wedding, this might be the model's final family vacay before the wedding.

Image Credit: Olivia Culpo's official IG account (@oliviaculpo)

In a previous post, Olivia Culpo shared a few different shots from a fancy cruise:


Culpo, posing against the glorious sunset and on the cruise, added:

"Chasing sunsets 🌅".

Fans in the comments hyped her up, even asking for details for the swimsuits Culpo wore.


Olivia Culpo had the most perfect bachelorette party celebration

Before her family trip and the 2023 Miss Universe pageant, Culpo enjoyed a three-day bachelorette trip. Culpo celebrated with her friends and sisters, making sure to share plenty of details with her followers online.

In fact, McCaffrey even organized a surprise show for Olivia.


Culpo wasn't expecting the grand show, tearing up as she set up the button that set off the fireworks.

The couple got engaged earlier this year. The NFL star proposed when the two were on vacation on their own. That being said, Culpo shared a recent update on their wedding:

Image Credit: Olivia Culpo's official Instagram account (@oliviaculpo)
"So many wedding questions! I'll do a seperate wedding AMA (Ask Me Anything) a little later I promise. We're getting married in the summer. I know my bachelorette is so early considering that, but we originally thought March."

In another update, they revealed how they wanted to keep their engagement private for some time.

“We tried to keep this quiet for as long as possible but apparently word travels fast,” she wrote on an IG Story.“I’m marrying my best friend. I love you so much, fiancé.”

As summer approaches and the 2023 NFL season continues, one can expect more updates from McCaffrey and Culpo.

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