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Alix Earle jets off to Ibiza after partying with Braxton Berrios

In Photos: TikTok star Alix Earle jets off to Ibiza after partying with Braxton Berrios

TikTok star Alix Earle, who was seen partying with Braxton Berrios, has jetted off to Ibiza for a post-graduation trip. The trip, of course, was planned after she hung out with her friends in Miami.

Shortly after Berrios' breakup with Sophia Culpo, Earle, with over five million followers on TikTok, was linked to him. As per a few reports, the two had started hanging out in Miami and were seeing each other.


Recently, Earle took her own trip to Ibiza.

"This about to be the craziest trip ever," Earle wrote.

Of course, the travel TikTok was the first of many to come. Earle shared multiple snaps from their trip, which was just beginning this week.

Image credit: Alixe Earle's TikTok account (@alixearle)

Furthermore, Earle also graduated this month. While she and Berrios weren't seen in one frame, the two apparently hung out together with Earle's friends. The party went on for hours, following which Earle's friend Natalie Gee shared some posts with Berrios in them.

Earle commented on Gee's post:

Braxton Berrios parties in Miami (Image credit: @natalie__gee IG)

Earle, who was at the same club, didn't share any posts featuring Berrios. They apparently also attended the Miami Grand Prix together. Braxton Berrios seemed to hang out at the same spots and the same event.

Sophia Culpo claimed Braxton Berrios broke her trust

Braxton Berrios

After months of dating, Culpo ended up confirming her breakup with Braxton Berrios. On TikTok with her sister Aurora, Sophia referred to them as the single sisters. Their other sister, Olivia Culpo, is currently engaged to San Francisco 49ers star Christian McCaffrey.

While they didn't go into details about the situation, Sophia spoke about her breakup in a Q&A on her Instagram. Though she didn't delve into the exact reason, she indicated that she and Berrios didn't exactly part on good terms.

Sophia on her breakup with Braxton Berrios. Image credit: Sophia Culpo's Instagram (@sophiaculpo)
"I haven't addressed this because it's been really hard to come to terms with and process. I'll say that it didn't end well or honestly. A lot of trust was broken. But I have an amazing support system and I appreciate everyone's love and support so, so much. This community never fails to amaze me."

Berrios is yet to comment on his breakup with Sophia.


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