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  • “He’s gonna end up on this de facto Kirk Cousins path” - NFL insider worried for Lamar Jackson’s future by not signing contract extension with Ravens 
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“He’s gonna end up on this de facto Kirk Cousins path” - NFL insider worried for Lamar Jackson’s future by not signing contract extension with Ravens 

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, has decided not to sign an extension with the team, leading some to speculate what is next for the star?

Lamar Jackson doesn't seem to be in a hurry to sign a contract extension with the Ravens. Lamar Jackson has seemingly been avoiding talking to the team about what he wants to do next, which may hurt his negotiating power down the line.


Mike Florio of NBC Sports spoke on Lamar Jackson and how this may be a bad look for him.

“And I remember last year when the season started, Schefty, he had this like this myth-building. ‘Oh, he's so focused on football, he doesn't have time for negotiations’. That’s bologna and that's all the more reason to have an agent. If you don't have time to take care of the important aspects of your life because you're so focused on your professional exploits. That's all the more reason to hire somebody else, take care of the things you don't have time for. And now he's got time for it. And he's not doing it. That was just, I don't know who was behind that or why that got put out there. But it was clearly BS. It wasn't that he was focused on football. "

Florio continued to talk about Jackson and how him not signing right now is hurting him and is a very risky move.

"It’s that he's never been focused on this contract, for whatever reason. Whether it is some sort of deliberate strategy or he just doesn't know where to begin. He doesn't want to be bothered with it, it stresses him out. He's already lost money, I believe, by not hiring an agent. And he's gonna run the risk of losing more. Because he's gonna end up on this de facto Kirk Cousins path where because he was a first-round pick. He's got seven years before he forces his way to market. Seven years. He's got three more seasons to play. Is he really going to be a high-end franchise quarterback three seasons from now? I'm not so sure."

Why Lamar Jackson needs to sign now

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Lamar Jackson might think he holds all the cards, but does he? From the way it sounds, he is only hurting himself down the line by avoiding having talks with the team and maybe that is what he wants.

Jackson may not want to return to the Ravens and this is his way of letting them know he is ready to move on in the future.

Could #Ravens QB Lamar Jackson play out his contract all the way? It is a discussion worth having.
2:12 AM · Mar 3, 2022

But he doesn't have an agent to advise him on what to do and his injuries are starting to pile up. Ignoring the team won't help his reputation, especially if he does decide to seek greener pastures.

The Ravens would be in the right if they decide to look for another quarterback during the offseason if Jackson does not sign his contract.

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