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  • Isaac Rochell confronts troll insulting wife Allison Kuch on TikTok - "She going to ruin your life"
Isaac Rochell confronts troll insulting Allison Kuch

Isaac Rochell confronts troll insulting wife Allison Kuch on TikTok - "She going to ruin your life"

Over the years, Isaac Rochell's TikTok persona has earned millions of followers on social media. Combined with his wife Allison Kuch, the beloved Mr. Kuch has amassed over four million followers. Of course, a large fan following welcomes a large amount of trolls on their account.

Apart from the regular gold digger gibes on Allison's account, some also reach out to Isaac with a few insulting comments.


In a recent TikTok video, Isaac Rochell shared a comment which was seemingly warning him about Allision:

"She's going to ruin your life one day"

While Isaac (and Allison) were mostly making a light-hearted joke, they did seem to address the comment directly:

"Stop waiting on your wife's to look good. Take looking good upon yourself. Don't wait on them to tell you you need a haircut. Don't wait on them to give you clothes."

Listening to this, Allison added:

"Don't let her parent you."

Isaac, who agreed with the other influencer, stated that it was a 'red flag' for him as well.

Joking about looking good and going on about their day, the video ended with Allison asking for Isaac's card as she goes out to get her nails done. While Isaac did take a small trip earlier this week, there has been no news about the player signing with a new NFL team.


Previously with the Las Vegas Raiders, Rochell is now a free agent.

Isaac Rochell and his relatively 'normal' NFL career

Isaac Rochell in action

As the 2023 NFL season approaches, Isaac Rochell and Allison are waiting for an NFL team to sign him. Even though talks might be going on about a new contract, there has been nothing concrete as of yet.

Allison, explaining the stressful process, revealed that they remain grateful for what they have:

"I understand the comments. 'Don't get your hopes up. Your husband isn't very good. Time to look for a real job now'. My husband will be entering his seventh season in the NFL, meaning we've been through this process a few times."

She mentioned that an average NFL player is in the NFL for only two-and-a-half years. Isaac, in his seventh year, is having a somewhat normal career as opposed to the success stories everyone is used to.

In a later video, Isaac made sure to mention that he is not retiring from the NFL. They might be looking for a team, but it doesn't mean he will stop playing football anytime soon.


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