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Jackson Mahomes upcoming court case has NFL fans and social media divided on the outcome.

Jackson Mahomes’ potential jail term in pending sexual battery case sparks debate among fans

Jackson Mahomes was charged with sexual battery in May 2023 for forcibly kissing a female restaurant owner in Kansas City. His trial won't take place until 2024 but the debate of the possible outcome has many divided on social media.

A poll posted by an NFL fan on Reddit said a rumor was circulating that Jackson Mahomes would likely serve time for his charges. The poll asked for others to vote on where and for how long he would serve his sentence.


The majority of comments on the Reddit post said that while they believed he should face consequences, they doubt he actually will. Some believe that a first-time offender and his notoriety will keep him from serving a long jail sentence.

Below are some of the comments on the Reddit post:


Jackson Mahomes undergoes regular drug testing as part of release

Hours after being formally charged last spring, Jackson Mahomes was released from jail on a $100,000 bond. As part of his release he was given strict pre-trial supervision, which included who he was allowed to interact with and regular drug testing was also part of the release.

In October, Mahomes' attorney told the judge that since his client passed 10 drug and alcohol tests, he shouldn't have to continue doing so. The prosecutor argued that Jackson was in contact with other witnesses who he was restricted from speaking to. The judge ordered another court date to further address the situation. However, due to scheduling conflicts, it has been pushed to January 2024.

Chiefs' heiress Gracie Hunt defended Jackson Mahomes before arrest

Weeks before Jackson Mahomes was accused of sexual assault and battery, Gracie Hunt came to his defense. The Kansas City Chiefs heiress said in an interview with Fox News Digital that she felt that the younger brother of quarterback Patrick Mahomes was misunderstood. Adding that she and her family love the entire Mahomes family.

"I think Patrick Mahomes has a wonderful family – from Brittany to Jackson. They are wonderful people, and we are so blessed to have them as part of our organization and are huge rocks in Patrick’s life. I do think that we live in a culture that’s often quick to criticize and slow to forgive. But I think we need to be one that’s quick to forgive and slow to criticize.”
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Her comments were made just weeks before the alleged incident in Kansas City occurred. Gracie Hunt was referring to other incidents where Jackson was accused of throwing a water bottle at a fan in Baltimore. As well as another incident where he performed a TikTok dance on the memorial for Sean Taylor.

Gracie Hunt's comments didn't age well as Jackson Mahomes was accused of serious allegations just weeks later.


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