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Jalen Ramsey called Lamar Jackson the toughest to defend

Jalen Ramsey describes Lamar Jackson as the toughest quarterback to compete against

Jalen Ramsey was recently interviewed by popular YouTuber Jake Paul and said that Lamar Jackson was the toughest quarterback to defend against. He was asked about a wide variety of topics, including NFL wide receivers and more.

Paul took the opportunity to ask which quarterback in the league poses the biggest threat to Ramsey and he opted not to say Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen and others.


He said at the 21:00 minute mark of the interview that the recently signed Baltimore Ravens' star was the hardest player to defend:

“Lamar Jackson, just because, you can't really do much.”

Jackson poses a unique threat to NFL defenses. All mobile quarterbacks do, but he is an especially tough player to defend. He can throw it with the best of them, which makes a cornerback's life much more difficult.

Even though the wide receivers the Ravens have had over the years aren't exactly winning one-on-ones and taking cornerbacks on and winning, Jackson doesn't need all that much space to fit the ball into.


If a back like Ramsey does his job perfectly, there's still a chance Jackson just takes off and becomes one of the most electric runners in the NFL. Oftentimes, depending on the type of coverage, Ramsey and his fellow defensive backs may have their backs turned, which doesn't help them see Jackson take off.

Even if they do see him, it's another thing entirely to be able to take him down. Most defenses have struggled with this over the years and Ramsey is admitting that the 2019 MVP is the toughest quarterback for him to defend.


Lamar Jackson's offense a much bigger threat now

The Baltimore Ravens of the last few years were largely the Lamar Jackson show. The wide receivers were not that great and it forced Jackson to sort of be a one-man show. He carried them successfully, though.

Lamar Jackson doesn't have to do it all anymore

That may not be the case anymore. They signed Odell Beckham Jr. and drafted Zay Flowers to pair with Rashod Bateman. Now, they have a legitimate if not All-Pro wide receiver trio. Jackson doesn't have to do it alone anymore.

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