Kim Pegula, owner of the Buffalo Bills, is recovering

Jessica Pegula gives a major update regarding Bills owner Kim Pegula's health condition

Kim Pegula, owner of the Buffalo Bills, suffered a cardiac arrest at her home in June. This was eerily similar to what happened to one of her players, Damar Hamlin, earlier this year.

Jessica Pegula, the tennis star and Kim's daughter, provided an update via The Player's Tribune. Even now, the Bills owner is still recovering each and every day, even if just a small amount:

"Today, my mom is still in recovery and although it is the same answer every time someone asks me, it is true, she is improving every day. She is dealing with significant expressive aphasia and significant memory issues. She can read, write, and understand pretty well, but she has trouble finding the words to respond."

She continued:

"It is hard to deal with and it takes a lot of patience to communicate with her, but I thank God every day that we can still communicate with her at all. The doctors continue to be blown away by her recovery, considering where she started, and her determination is the driving force of that."

Pegula was grateful that her mother even survived the attack, crediting the doctors for her recovery:

"I am thankful she is still with us when other families may not have been so lucky. That she even had a chance at recovery when the first week in the hospital seemed so dim. Thankful for the doctors that aided in her recovery."

Kim Pegula is the co-owner of the Buffalo Bills and the Buffalo Sabres in the NHL.

How many children does Kim Pegula have?


Kim Pegula married Terry Pegula in 1993. Terry had two children, Michael and Laura, from his first wife.

The couple then had three children together. Jessica is a famous tennis player and a sibling to Matthew and Kelly.

Kim Pegula at a Bills playoff game

Pegula is worth about $100 million thanks to her role as the owner of those professional teams. Her ownership group also manages minor league hockey teams, lacrosse teams and a record label.

The Pegulas famously outbid Donald Trump for the Buffalo Bills in 2014, a few years before he would become president.

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