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  • Jets "ready to implode" as locker room frustration grows with Zach Wilson: Report
Jets "ready to implode" as locker room frustration grows with Zach Wilson

Jets "ready to implode" as locker room frustration grows with Zach Wilson: Report

The New York Jets' locker room is getting increasingly frustrated with Zach Wilson. They have a loaded roster and were considered to be among the Super Bowl favorites with Aaron Rodgers as quarterback. However, the former Green Bay Packers star went down injured in the first drive of the season and that has thrown their plans in disarray.

It has allowed Zach Wilson to come back in and take charge but he has not been very effective at it. They are 1-2 for this season and performances seem to getting away from them.


In the opening game against the Buffalo Bills, they squeaked through a win in overtime through a walkoff touchdown that came of a punt return. Since then, they have lost to the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots. They have scored 10 points in both games, pointing to offensive problems.

Now, a new report by Rich Cimini says that the locker room is getting close to boling point and things could implode. They are not happy with Robert Saleh continuing to back the beleagured quarterback and think of him as an apologist. The defense seems to be particularly unhappy as they keep making play after play, only to see their quarterback then squander the opportunity.

Cimini wrote:

“This defense knows that if any other player were performing his job the way Wilson is performing his, that player would be benched. Trust me, there’s tension in that locker room. I get the sense that this team could be ready to implode.”
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New report adds to previous criticism of Zach Wilson

The locker room has never been fond of Zach Wilson and that frustration is now boiling over because they are trying to save their season, whereas they were supposed to compete for the Super Bowl. Last season, during exit interviews, several players contended that the New York Jets would do better without Zach Wilson as their quarterback.

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It is not just that he has been unable to be an effective quarterback that is the problem. His leadership qualities were called into question after a 10-3 loss to the New England Patriots last season, when he accounted for all of 77 yards and then went to the press conference to say that he did not feel he had let the defense down. It did not sit well with the locker room then and he was benched soon after.


Ultimately, it was clear to the New York Jets that Zach Wilson is not the answer and that is why they got Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers. However, with the four-time MVP out of the season, it seems that they are stuck. With everyone around the quarterback continuing to play at a high level, it is obvious they are getting frustrated with the player who is proving incapable of rising to the occasion.

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