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  • Madden 24 users troll Justin Fields after Bears QB struggles to make easy throws in game - “This is too realistic”
Chicago Bears v Kansas City Chiefs

Madden 24 users troll Justin Fields after Bears QB struggles to make easy throws in game - “This is too realistic”

Before the 2023 season, the Chicago Bears were heavily touted as a potential surprise package. In a show of confidence in quarterback Justin Fields, they had traded the first overall pick to the Panthers, hoping that their quarterback and his bevy of offensive weapons would finally find their footing and turn their fortunes around.

Three games into the season, the Bears have indeed surprised fans... by being shockingly terrible. Fields has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns, he has been sacked 13 times and his team has lost every single time – the first such start since 2016.


Tight end Cole Kmet summed up the feeling after their last defeat at the defending champions, Kansas City Chiefs:

"We just got our ass kicked. That's probably No. 1. I can't think of a game I've had in a long time that looked like that."


Madden 24 players think their game replicates Justin Fields' struggles perfectly

Of course, a few Madden 24 players will want to claim that they had seen this coming. Last week, u/GenNowGamer uploaded this clip of Fields throwing incompletion after incompletion on Reddit, and the ensuing comments have to be read to be believed:


How Justin Fields plans to use Bears' slump as motivation to improve


But even in these troubling times, Justin Fields is not ready to give up. He had already proven it in 2022 when he set QB rushing records despite his teams' struggles.

Furthermore, he has a precedent that he and the Chicago Bears can follow: In that season, their divisional rivals Detroit Lions were at one point a miserable 1-6, only to shockingly win eight of their next 10 and just narrowly miss the playoffs via tiebreaker.

He said:

"All we need is one [win] to get this thing going."

Fields, however, is taking things holistically:

"I think these past couple of weeks have made me appreciate the little things in life like being able to play this game. Every opportunity I get to go out there and play, I'm going to have fun.
"I'm going to play my hardest and, you know, just thank God for giving me the ability to play. So, no matter what the scoreboard is, I'm going to keep doing the same mindset and just pushing to keep moving forward."

The Bears' next opponents are the similarly troubled Denver Broncos on Sunday. Both teams will be chasing that elusive first win.

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