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  • Madden fans condemn EA for not improving game’s features despite constant proposals - “Cheap business move”
Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen will feature in the Madden 24 cover. (Image via: SnoopyTech/Twitter)

Madden fans condemn EA for not improving game’s features despite constant proposals - “Cheap business move”

Madden fans have lambasted EA Sports for not doing anything to boost the game's features despite multiple requests.

Reddit user kapa1249 posted a rant entitled “Madden 24 another copy and paste special” on the video game’s subreddit. The post reads:

“Why is anyone surprised by this. It's a heavy animation-based game (the animations don’t even look real at times), plus no physics involved. It'll be the same copy-and-paste game we've had for the last 5 years.”

It continued:

“Horrible blocking by oline, no blocking up field, and the Ai Db's will still intercept a ball that they can't even see because the animation just triggers if the ball and receiver are near each other, so they'll do their typical 180-degree int.”

The rant ended with this recommendation:

“Don't pre-order, for the love of god. We need to bleed these fools a little and make them realize that the dedicated Madden players need a quality game and deserve a quality game!
“Wait for a while since it's the same crap. Just updated rosters, TBH. So, ask yourself, is it even worth it at that point to pay a full $70 for the same game basically?”

Those thoughts brought out these comments on Reddit, with one user lambasting EA Sports for their 'cheap business move'.


Electronic Arts has announced that Josh Allen will be the cover athlete for Madden 24, making him the first Buffalo Bills player on the cover.

The company has used the game’s cover to unveil new features, but after featuring Patrick Mahomes twice, EA went with Allen. Last year, they had John Madden as cover, two years after his death.

New features and negative comments about Madden 24

Meanwhile, the latest edition will bring back new versions of the mini-games, first introduced during PlayStation 2’s heydays. However, these games are skippable this time.

Likewise, they brought back Superstar Mode to rebrand Face of the Franchise. The latest version of the NFL’s official video game will shift from The Yard to Superstar Showdown. This multiplayer mode allows games to team up or compete against each other in a game, with the team getting 21 points first winning.


EA also enhanced Franchise Mode to bounce back from its epic failure in Madden 23. Aside from expanding the relocation options, league commissioners can also turn off home-field advantage parameters, change the draft order and adjust player motivation levels.

Finally, crossplay will be available in the latest version of this iconic football game. This feature allows players of various consoles to enjoy the same game together. EA has implemented this feature with the respective FIFA and National Hockey League video games.

Despite these advancements, some gaming enthusiasts disappointed with the latest version after seeing its official trailer. They reckon it will look like its predecessor, except for updated rosters. Meanwhile, some players believe that there should be more career-ending injuries for Franchise Mode.

There is no definite date for Madden 24’s release. However, EA typically makes the latest version available by August.

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