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  • Madden fans stunned after seeing game’s regression in past 10 years - “How in the f**k has it devolved so much”
Madden 13 vs Madden 24 - a fan comparison apparently points out the latter's weaknesses

Madden fans stunned after seeing game’s regression in past 10 years - “How in the f**k has it devolved so much”

As the premier American football game series, Electronic Arts' Madden NFL is supposed to be a benchmark.

Every installment purportedly builds on the previous, adding new features and refining existing ones to maximize the player experience. The latest installment, Madden NFL 24, came out in August this year and introduces SAPIEN technology for better motion capture, including a greatly expanded library of over 1,000 tackles.


Franchise mode has been revamped as well, with the return of minigames a particular highlight. However, not everyone is happy. In fact, they are saying that 24 represents a regression when compared to, say, 13:

One siad on Reddit:

"Just how in the f**k has the game developed so much over 10 years?"

Here are some of the top reactions:


Which players/teams got buffed/nerfed in Madden NFL 24's Week 12/13 update?


Even though they last their annual Thanksgiving game against the Green Bay Packers, the Detroit Lions are still by far the NFC North's best team, and the Week 12/13 update reflects that.

Wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown has become one of the most important pieces on the team. The newest Madden patch saw him improve to 91 OVR, four points better than his launch stat.

Another Lion who has been upgraded is offensive tackle Penei Sewell, who hits the 90 OVR's after starting at 86. However, quarterback Jared Goff headlines a list of downgrades. From 84 in Week 10, he has lost two ratings points.

Two East division leaders also saw buffs - the AFC's Miami Dolphins and the NFC's Philadelphia Eagles, each coming off wins.

For the Eagles, quarterback Jalen Hurts and wide receiverDeVonta Smith get one additional OVR point apiece. Meanwhile, cornerback James Bradberry IV has returned to his launch OVR of 85 after a prior minor nerf.


Meanwhile, the Dolphins' star wide receivers have benefited from minor buffs. Tyreek Hill, who is one of only a few 99-point players, got a boost in his Catching rating, while Jaylen Waddle has gained a point back to rebound from a season-worst 86.

Both teams' kickers have also received a two-point boost as well: Jake Elliott to 83 OVR and Jason Sanders to 73 OVR.

The biggest gainer is Atlanta Falcons safety Jessie Bates III, who has a 95 OVR. Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker is the biggest loser, getting removed from the 90s.

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