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  • NFL Draft 2023: Bijan Robinson to Cowboys? Insider predicts Texas RB to be Ezekiel Elliot’s replacement
Could Robinson be Ezekiel Elliott's replacement?

NFL Draft 2023: Bijan Robinson to Cowboys? Insider predicts Texas RB to be Ezekiel Elliot’s replacement

The Ezekiel Elliott era for the Dallas Cowboys is now over after seven years, and Bijan Robinson is being looked at as his replacement. The running back will be a post-June cut for Dallas, and now it leaves them with a job opening.

With Tony Pollard back under the franchise tag, there are some who think the Cowboys will take a running back in the first round with pick 26.


Pro Football Focus' latest NFL Mock Draft has Dallas selecting Bijan Robinson out of Texas. A star back for the Longhorns, Robinson would certainly fit the bill for Dallas, but is it wise using a high pick on a running back...again?

There are several media outlets that say a player like Robinson, who some say is "like LaDainian Tomlinson," is the final piece to the Cowboys offensive puzzle for next season.

.@danorlovsky7 thinks the Cowboys have one more big move coming

"If you get a Bijan Robinson type of player, that people have said 'the next LaDainian Tomlinson type,' we're looking at an offense that is explosive."

The Cowboys have already made two big moves, securing Stephon Gilmore and Brandin Cooks from the Indianapolis Colts and the Houston Texans respectively, so adding a player who is so explosive and great between the tackles could be a good piece of business for Dallas.

Whether or not he is there at Pick 26 is unknown, but if Robinson does "drop" to 26, then the Cowboys front office will have a decision to make.


Should the Cowboys draft Bijan Robinson?

Robinson at the Scouting NFL Combine

We have seen that a running back's shelf life in the NFL is incredibly short, and that makes teams hesitant to use a premium pick on drafting one.


But when the back is Bijan Robinson, who totaled 3,410 rushing yards, 33 touchdowns, 805 receiving yards and eight receiving touchdowns in three years with Texas, it gives Dallas something to think about.

Now, all of this is predicated on Robinson being there at pick 26 as a host of teams could do with his services, but when it comes to running backs, teams are hesitant to extend them past their first five years (if a first-round pick).

So this would essentially mean Dallas would get five years out of Robinson before moving on. Is that worth it? If he can help Dallas to Super Bowl glory, it will be seen as worth it.

But that's a BIG if.

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