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  • “Weed in Carolina must be insanely potent”- NFL Fans rip Adam Thielen for believing Panthers can win Super Bowl
Adam Thielen now is with the Panthers

“Weed in Carolina must be insanely potent”- NFL Fans rip Adam Thielen for believing Panthers can win Super Bowl

Last night, the Carolina Panthers inked wide receiver Adam Thielen to a three-year deal worth up to $25 million. Thielen was released by the Minnesota Vikings last week as a cap casualty and he agreed to terms to resume his career with the Panthers.

Thielen was looking to join a Super Bowl-contending team and chose the Carolina Panthers. He spoke on The Pat McAfee Show today and revealed that he thinks the Panthers have a good chance at winning the Super Bowl.

“Ultimately, [I felt Carolina] was a place that seriously had a chance of winning a Super Bowl. I really do feel strongly with that."

Adam Thielen added that he wanted to put himself in a good position and felt like the Panthers were the best fit.

“At the end of the day, I wanted to go to a good situation for my family and for myself. The Panthers just felt like the best fit. It all kind of just worked out, it happened kind of quickly…it just kind of all came at once. My family, my wife, my kids, we’re so excited to go there, we’re headed there tomorrow as a family to go sign and check out the city so we’re excited.”
"I had conversations with the Broncos, Cowboys and a few other teams.. Carolina felt like the best fit and it worked out"

@athielen19 #PMSLive

NFL fans responded exactly how you'd think they would to Thielen's comments about the Panthers having a chance at winning the Super Bowl.


Here's what some of them said about Adam Thielen's bold claim:

@NFL_DovKleiman The weed in Carolina must be insanely potent
@NFL_DovKleiman "I feel like there's a real chance at winning the Super Bowl"
@NFL_DovKleiman Should probably attend one practice first and figure out who their QB is gonna be but Ok , super bowl it is
@NFL_DovKleiman He will win a bowl…. if he gets cut and The Cincinnati Bengals sign him.
@NFL_DovKleiman That’s a statement from a dude that took money (which is cool, get what you can) over winning. Trying to convince everyone…if he wanted to win a ring I’m guessing there are a few teams with better odds than Panthers
@NFL_DovKleiman Translation: "They offered me a nice contract considering I'm 32 years old, so I took it".

Not blaming him, but that's the truth lol
@NFL_DovKleiman Aren't players basically obligated to say something like this? Nobody is going to come out and say, "Well there is much chance of winning here but they were willing to pay me more than other teams, plus the roster is trash so I for sure have a chance to get playing time."
@NFL_DovKleiman i speak for all panthers fans when i say: WE DONT AGREE

Carolina Panthers look vastly improved after signing Adam Thielen and other free agents

Miles Sanders Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles

While the Carolina Panthers aren't really Super Bowl contenders, they did greatly improve this off-season.

They acquired Adam Thielen last night and are in talks to acquire wide receiver DJ Chark.

Update: The #Panthers now confirm that they're still talking to former #Lions WR DJ Chark, despite already signing Adam Thielen, as the report from yesterday indicated. twitter.com/NFL_DovKleiman…
Update: The #Panthers are "attempting" to sign both former #Vikings WR Adam Thielen and former #Lions WR DJ Chark, according to ESPN

Carolina recently traded away WR1 DJ Moore to the #Bears and need to replace him.

They've also signed many free agents such as RB Miles Sanders, TE Hayden Hurst, S Vonn Bell, QB Andy Dalton, and DT Shy Tuttle.

The Panthers also traded up for the number one pick in the draft. They gave up two first-round picks, two second-round picks, and wide receiver DJ Moore to the Chicago Bears for the number one pick.

They will select the number one quarterback of their choice or trade back, acquiring more picks while still likely signing a quarterback.

The Panthers may not have a chance to win a Super Bowl in near future but could be in the running for the NFC South division.

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