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  • "If they're gonna release him, we'll just wait" - NFL insider reckons Cowboys will get nothing out of Amari Cooper trade
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"If they're gonna release him, we'll just wait" - NFL insider reckons Cowboys will get nothing out of Amari Cooper trade

If the Dallas Cowboys thought they would get a substantial return if they traded star wide receiver Amari Cooper, they were wrong.

According to one NFL insider, teams are unwilling to trade Amari Cooper, especially if they know the Cowboys are about to release him. NFL insider Ian Rapoport said the following about the Amari Cooper situation on the Pat McAfee Show:

“I don't think this is a move. Because I know people think that like you float out there to, to force you know, to create a trade. But people knew. I think people knew Amari’s days were sort of numbered. It doesn't help because if you really want Amari Cooper, you might say, ‘You know what? If they're gonna release him, we'll just wait.’ So once the news hits they're gonna release him, it actually makes trading harder. "

Rapoport continued:

"It’s better to do it kind of behind the scenes. You know, kind of whispers and you know, maybe you could theoretically fake that there's a huge market and get a trade. So it actually doesn't help anyone to have this news out there. I’m sure Amari is not thrilled. I’m sure the Cowboys aren't thrilled. And the only people happy are the teams that you know, may have wanted to trade for him because the market gets depressed a little bit."

Amari Cooper wants to remain a Cowboy

The Cowboys find themselves in an awkward position with their star wide receiver. Amari Cooper has said in the past that he wants to remain with the Dallas Cowboys.


The main issue with the club seems to be that they don't want to pay Cooper the $20 million he will be owed this year if they keep him.

So, the club has decided to cut him loose. Cowboys fans are not happy with what the club is planning to do and have voiced their anger on social media.

In fact, many of them believe running back Ezekiel Elliot is the player who needs to go, not Cooper.

We really gonna trade Amari Cooper man why the hell do I support this clown franchise
9:06 AM · Mar 3, 2022

Mr. Rodgers seems to agree with that sentiment.

Why are the Cowboys cutting Amari Cooper before the starting RB Ezekiel Elliott??? Elliott has been absolutely horrible the last 3 years & you have a solid RB1 in line in Tony Pollard. Losing Cooper will not make that team better than it was this past season 🤷🏻‍♂️
10:06 AM · Mar 4, 2022

Fans are not happy, Cooper is not pleased, and neither is the Cowboys ownership. No matter how this turns out, there seems to be no winner in this situation.

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