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McDaniel's reportedly blocked a move for CJ Stroud.

NFL Rumors: Josh McDaniels denied Raiders former GM Dave Zeigler from drafting C.J. Stroud

Former Las Vegas Raiders coach Josh McDaniels is having a tough time of it, and as Dave Ziegler has been relieved of his duties as general manager, something has popped up that is rather interesting.

When McDaniel was hired to coach the Raiders, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo made the move to Vegas to be the starting quarterback. But now it's been reported that Ziegler had a different idea of who the quarterback should be.


With Garoppolo out with a back injury, Aiden O'Connell has stepped in, but there are reports that Ziegler wanted a different quarterback to start the 2023 season: C.J. Stroud.

Because of McDaniel and Garoppolo's New England ties, it made sense at the time for the two to reunite in Las Vegas. But a report has surfaced that Ziegler wanted to move up the draft order and take Stroud, who is starring with the Houston Texans.

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Per Hondo Carpenter, Ziegler was willing to make the move and was comfortable with the draft capital it would take to move up to the No. 1 or No. 2 pick, but Josh McDaniels was hellbent on having Garoppolo as the starter.


Carpenter said in a piece by gridironheroics.com:

“Dave felt he was a generational talent, and Kelly loved him. Z had done his research. He knew the cost to move up to No. 1 and even No. 2.
“He felt the cost was cheap, and he was willing to do almost anything that didn’t include Maxx Crosby. He and Josh agreed that the price of No. 1 was too high, but Z wanted to move up to No. 2 and grab Stroud. He could have made the deal.
"He also knew Stroud would allow McDaniels to show the fans and the owner that an identity would be established. Josh was willing to move up for Bryce Young, but as expected, he went No. 1, and Stroud to the Raiders had long been dead.”
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Raiders now in rebuild after Josh McDaniels' tenure

Josh McDaniels

It would have been interesting if Ziegler got his way and drafted Stroud, but both he and Josh McDaniels were fired at the end of October, and Antonio Pierce has taken over the head coaching role.


It does seem like a big story that the Raiders wanted to draft up and take Stroud, but Josh McDaniels seemed intent on wanting Garoppolo as the starter. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and one could argue that things could have been vastly different for Las Vegas had Ziegler gotten his way.

The Raiders, who sit at 5-7 after back-to-back losses, have a bleak-looking future, but things might not have been better with Stroud as the quarterback. Still, one could make the case that the Raiders could be better than what they are now.

However, no one will ever know as Josh McDaniels wanted Jimmy Garoppolo, it seems, at all costs.

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