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Arizona Cardinals WR DeAndre Hopkins

NFL Week 10: Twitter reacts to DeAndre Hopkins' game-winning Hail Mary catch

DeAndre Hopkins called "game" and left the sports world in awe.

On a bizarre November Sunday that saw the culmination of The Masters, college football, and a delayed NFL slate of games on the same day, Hopkins and the Arizona Cardinals stole the show.


With the final seconds ticking off the clock in the fourth quarter, the Cardinals were down 30-26 to the Buffalo Bills. Arizona QB Kyler Murray took a snap in the shotgun and was immediately flushed out to his left. With a hesitation and side step, Murray shook off Bills edge rusher Mario Addison and ran toward the sideline. With the clock about to expire, Murray heaved a throw -- without setting his feet and seemingly without a destination -- toward the end zone.

Beyond the goal line, swarmed by three Bill defenders, Cardinals star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins rose up his two black gloves fully extended. When Hopkins hit the turf there was no fight for the ball, no Bills players grasping at the pigskin and wrestling for possession, it was clear.

A referee ran in and raised his arms: Touchdown, Cardinals win.



Twitter celebrates and congratulates DeAndre Hopkins

Twitter was ablaze after DeAndre Hopkins' catch, with shout-outs coming from some of the best professional athletes in the world. Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and reigning NBA champion LeBron James were among those who chimed in.


One group left stunned was Buffalo Bills fans, however, and some expressed their anger and shock online.

On the drive prior to Hopkins' walk-off touchdown catch, Bills QB Josh Allen had led his team down the field and found Stephon Diggs for a 21-yard go-ahead TD. Just 34 seconds later, Bills defensive back Jordan Poyer was sitting in the end zone, watching Hopkins celebrate with the Cardinals, embodying the entire Bills fan base coming to the stunning realization they had lost a game they were inches and seconds from winning.

Explaining how he made the catch, Hopkins said he was just better.

“It was on three people. They were in position,” Hopkins said to reporters after the game. “It was just a better catch by I.”


Twitter also re-hashed memes and content from the NFL offseason, condemning the Houston Texans for trading DeAndre Hopkins to the Cardinals for running back David Johnson and a second-round draft pick. The Texans are now 2-7 this season after making the playoffs with Hopkins last season.

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