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  • NFL YouTuber labels Skip Bayless as “most irreplaceable co-hosts in all of sports media” amid rumors of rift with Shannon Sharpe
Shannon Sharpe will end his seven-year stint with FOX Sports' "Undisputed" after the 2023 NBA Finals. (Image credit: FOX Sports/Undisputed)

NFL YouTuber labels Skip Bayless as “most irreplaceable co-hosts in all of sports media” amid rumors of rift with Shannon Sharpe

The news of Shannon Sharpe agreeing to a contract buyout and leaving the FOX Sports show "Undisputed" alongside co-host Skip Bayless is indeed a significant development. After seven years on the popular program, it appears that Sharpe may have had enough of his co-host.

Many people invested in football and sports have expressed their opinions about Sharpe's departure, including YouTuber Mikerophone, who shared his thoughts on the split and made a bold claim about Bayless.


He said:

“I don't think Shannon Sharpe hates Skip Bayless because, at the end of the day, Skip Bayless elevated Shannon Sharpe's career whether you want to admit it or not.”
“I also believe Skip Bayless is one of the most irreplaceable co-hosts in all of sports media not because he gives excellent takes, but it's because this guy quite literally doesn't care about what anyone thinks about him.”

Bayless started to host ESPN’s First Take in May 2007. It was a spin-off from his weekly SportsCenter debate segment with Stephen A. Smith entitled “Old Skool/Nu Skool.”


After nine years of doing First Take, FOX Sports hired him to do “Undisputed” with Shannon Sharpe starting in September 2016.

The Vanderbilt University alumnus has had several controversial statements. One was his criticism of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott’s depression as a sign of “weakness.” Mikerophone added:

“He could say the most horrible stuff and his co-host could come in and look like he's a superhero just because he doesn't agree with the horrible thing he says or his co-host will come in and set him straight.”
“At the end of the day it will generate a lot of views, and it'll generate a lot of clicks which at the end of the day turns into additional revenue for the company there's a reason why Undisputed is the top sports show in America.”

Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless will be fine after parting ways

The three-time Super Bowl champion has built a solid brand that people will continue to pay attention to, whatever he does next. Sharpe’s immediate project is to continue his podcast, Club Shay Shay, independent from FOX.

The show has received rave reviews, and his episode with NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace was included in the “Apple Podcasts Best of 2021” list. Aside from athletes, Sharpe has interviewed musicians, actors, and comedians.

Mikerophone said:

“I think Shannon Sharpe is going to be okay because, at this point, he is a beloved figure in all of sports media. Whether he decides to go independent, which he definitely could by the way. And he'd be fine because if you watch Club Shay Shay, it's very obvious that athletes are very comfortable talking to him.”

While he could also jump ship to ESPN, the YouTuber mentioned a possible exclusivity clause in his buyout.

There are limitless contentious moments in the seven-year run of “Undisputed” featuring Sharpe and Skip Bayless. However, football fans point out two instances that signaled the beginning to the end.

First, Sharpe criticized Tom Brady for his poor play during the 2022 Wild Card Round against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Bayless responded that Sharpe was harsh on Brady’s performance because he was jealous that the quarterback played until age 45.

Second, Bayless’ tweet during the Damar Hamlin incident got a lot of pushback. That post led Sharpe to skip the next day’s “Undisputed” episode.

The eight-time Pro Bowl tight end confronted his co-host the day after, but Bayless stood by his tweet. Sharpe also mentioned that he couldn’t finish his statement without Bayless interrupting him.


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