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  • Officiating at Chiefs-Jets Week 4 game leaves former Titans OT Taylor Lewan agitated - "Referees being attention wh**es"
Taylor Lewan thinks Patrick Mahomes may have benefited from the officiating of the Chiefs-Jets game

Officiating at Chiefs-Jets Week 4 game leaves former Titans OT Taylor Lewan agitated - "Referees being attention wh**es"

While Taylor Swift was the center of attention at Sunday's Kansas City Chiefs-New York Jets game, a partial namesake had different thoughts about what transpired that night - former Tennessee Titans offensive tackle Taylor Lewan.

The fourth quarter of the game was, in the eyes of Jets fans at least, marred by two blown calls that led to first downs.


First, offensive tackle Donovan Smith managed to get away with holding on to defensive end Jermaine Johnson as star quarterback Patrick Mahomes rushed down the field. Then referees canceled a Michael Carter II interception on Mahomes after they spotted Sauce Gardner seemingly impeding Marquez Valdes-Scantling.

An unhappy Lewan ranted about those inconsistencies in a sit-down conversation with Kay Adams:

"Why are the refs being attention w****s right now? Why do they gotta jump into a game that, if you're worried about viral moments - you've got them?
"When Sauce Gardner - like, there's a little bit of contact outside the five yards which is the rule, and they have a little bit of a shirt grab, but very similar to Super Bowl (LVII), where it's like, 'Why won't we just let the boys play?'"
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Taylor Lewan discusses Bengals' struggles, San Francisco 49ers' potential perfect season

In the same conversation, Taylor Lewan also gave his thoughts on the Cincinnati Bengals' shocking 1-3 start.

The AFC North champions had seemingly pulled off a masterstroke at the beginning of the season when they made superstar quarterback Joe Burrow the league's highest-paid player, giving him a five-year, $275-million extension. But to the shock of everyone, he has struggled since then, throwing just two touchdowns, receiving eight sacks, and losing a fumble.


However, Lewan is not pointing the finger at Burrow. Instead, he blamed head coach Zac Taylor:

“I think it’s the play-calling. If you watch the Titans game, they ran the ball effectively and they could have done that the entire game if they wanted to. You could have just kept running then.
”What's the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. That seems like what Zac Taylor is doing with his play-calling - if Joe is not at 100%, then take it out of his hands and let the players run."
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The three-time Pro Bowler also boldly claimed that the San Francisco 49ers, who have been on a hot streak under Brock Purdy, would become the first team since the 2007 New England Patriots to have a perfect regular season.

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